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References: LEY Nº , Orgánica Constitucional de Bases Generales de la ;. Other terms used were “Chile”, “leyes”, “políticas”, “acceso”, “precio” This law modifies the law No () in its title IV on .. privados, mantendrán una base de datos actualizada y otros registros de libre acceso, con información que. medirlo (Versión actualizada),” Research Department Publications , Inter- American .. “What Makes Annuitization More Appealing?,” NBER Working Papers , National Bureau of Joseph Aldy & Eduardo Ley & Ian Parry,

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Civil servants never or rarely accept gifts or hospitality above what is allowed. The opposition party has influence on xctualizada proceeding of the legislature, but it is limited in scope.

A YES score is earned if ministerial-level officials, ly their equivalents, are all required by law to file an asset disclosure form while in office, illustrating sources of income, stock holdings, and other assets.

The Chilean Constitution establishes that all acts and resolutions of any organism of the state are public, as well all the fundamentals and procedures. However, exceptions and loopholes exist through which companies can indirectly support political parties above and beyond those formal limitations. A NO score is earned if there is no asset acfualizada for either the head of state or government.


The government bureaucracy is an extension of the ruling party. Executive branch asset disclosures are audited, but audits are limited in some way, such as using inadequate auditing standards, or the presence of exceptions to disclosed assets. A NO score is earned if there are no limits on corporate contributions to political parties. In the elections there were a lot of reports about fake bills presented to the Servicio Electoral, but just a few of them were really investigated.


Ballots may be subject to tampering during transport or counting.

Voters actuapizada have not access to registration lists with sufficient time to correct errors before voting or registration lists may at times be inaccessible. This form does not need to be publicly available to score a YES. Canada – Droit constitutionnel – Constitution. Public sector whistleblowers can report abuses of power lfy fear of negative consequences. A YES score is earned if all members of the national-level ely are required by law to file an asset disclosure form while in office, illustrating sources of income, stock holdings, and other assets.

A NO score is earned if homeless or impoverished people are legally prohibited from voting. Second amendment of the Constitution Law of No. In practice, when necessary, an agency or entity monitoring the financing of political parties independently initiates investigations.

A NO score is given if the judicial disciplinary agency or equivalent mechanism function is carried out by an inherently subordinate organization, such as an executive ministry or legislative committee. Marian van der Meij, R Cooling off periods are non-existent or never enforced.

The auditing is performed by an impartial third-party. Legislators routinely accept significant amounts of gifts and hospitality from outside interest groups and actors seeking to influence their decisions. The limits stated by law just apply to donations during the electoral process and are not according to real expenditures, so a significant number of candidates spend more than the limits.

In law, there are requirements for the independent auditing of the asset disclosure forms of senior members of the civil service. This information is easily available and up to date.


This may include harassment, arrests, and threats. The civil service is completely distinct from party bureaucracy.


This may include prohibitions on termination, transfer, harassment or other consequences. A NO score is earned when any single non-violent trade union is legally prohibited by the government from organizing. Limits are reasonably low enough in the context of the total costs of running a campaign.

A YES score is earned if there is, in law or in accompanying regulations, a formal process to appeal a denied print media license, including through the courts. This Law modifies the administrative statute Law In practice, citizens can access the financial records of political parties at a reasonable cost. Appointment have been moving towards a-political criteria, encouraging professionals from private or public services to apply, but positions are still assigned to people actualizaxa to the government coalition.

Divided into 6 parts. TV coverage of political candidates is regulated by law. Civil servants are commonly influenced by political or personal matters.

Budget debates are public and records of these proceedings are easily accessible. In law, there are no specific regulations; in practice it is not usual to see members of the executive accepting gifts and hospitalities.