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The military cult classic with resonance to the wars in Iraq and Vietnam—now back in print When The Centurions was first published in. The military cult classic with resonance to the wars in Iraq and Vietnam – now back in print. When The Centurions was first published in , readers were. Jean Larteguy (the pen name of Jean Pierre Lucien Osty, ) spent time in prison in Spain in , the year I was born. He then joined.

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May 19, Pages. This site uses cookies. But to the paratroop officers and non-coms taken prisoner, being exposed to the grim reality of brain washing, torture, starvation and forced marches through the jungles, there was born a whole new philosophy. The defeat in Indo-China and the fall of Dien Bien Phu failed to drive home to the French politicians, general staff and civilians in the far-off capital, the fact that the policies were outworn, that the old army operations were useless against a ruthless Comunist enemy and a guerrilla war.

All of this made excellent reading.

THE CENTURIONS by Jean Larteguy | Kirkus Reviews

This is about French paratroopers and their resentment at providing France’s rearguard as its empire withered away, but it seems just as relevant to today’s wars being fought by the U. Anyone, especially those who don’t think we have a problem with Islamofascists. For example, in the first section of the book, the paratroopers are taken cdnturions and marched to an internment camp where the Viet Minh attempt to convert them to communism.

Dec 12, Rashel rated it liked it Shelves: Ask our soldiers to find a way to save the nation and they do, only to be blamed for their actions in the end. The writing, its style, the content and psychological explanations of character are excellent. It is suffused with the warrior’s creed, an ethos that often has more in common with its counterpart on the enemy side than with the Christian culture it defends but which does not defend them in turn. In 24 and the legal opinions cebturions the late Antonin Scalia, torture is used immediately and without regret, but here the centurion lartegy over it for most of the day and the act of torture is a psychological break, which he hates himself for thd today it’s now more of a political tool, a means of revenge.

They seemed brand new and unopened. Please email webmaster fantasticfiction. It has too its thf of perverted humor, of sensitivity, of poignancy.

The Centurions (Lartéguy novel) – Wikipedia

I loved hanging out in the air-conditioned library in the compound. Larteguy leaves that hanging, but he does a fine job raising the questions our civilization has found too uncomfortable to even honestly ask. Aussaresses wrote an account of his service entitled, “Battle of the Casbah”. The book ends with the French centurions fighting the Battle of Algiers with propaganda, torture, terror and any tactic in order to win so that the last remnants of their empire could survive.


Through disregard of civilian rights, application of merciless torture, and the occasional rape which transforms victim into lover, these French officers save the day, prevent a series of terrorist bombings, and dismantle an entire nationalist network. Media reporter, reviewer, producer, guest booker, blogger. How many times has the story recounted in this classic novel about war been writ in the history of mankind?

The Centurions by Jean Larteguy

We see some unforgettable characters — Captain Philippe Esclavier, brilliant, world-weary, and first to see that this is a new kind of war, spearheaded by a new brand of nationalist fervor expressed in guerrilla and terror tactics; Colonel Raspeguy, a Basque soldier with a flair for heroism; Major de Glatigny, an upper-class soldier with higher thoughts and lower drives; lrateguy many more.

Well known for being on the short list of David Petraeus’ favorite books, as well as providing literary justification for torture, rape and murder by military forces in order to combat against the western world’s new enemies.

This is a book about soldiers, but not so much about war. They are released when a cease fire is called and find themselves back in France with little to occupy them until they are re-assembled as the 10th Parachute Infantry Regiment and sent to Algiers at the height of the One of the great unsung war novels of the 20th century, The Centurions follows a group of French paratroopers through the hell of the Indochina centurikns.

And these particular soldiers, as the name of the book strongly implies and specific events in ladteguy book make explicit, are atavisms of a kind of man that emerged from the aristocracy from which the French aristocracy was born, the Roman centuriona.

We are experiencing technical difficulties. One of those books was this one. The second and third parts of the book are just as interesting but with a different focus, exploring how the events of their internment have changed the soldiers. There they learn that conventional warfare is insufficient for dealing with the new, superior soldier who has jettisoned emotions, traditions and moral conventions. Inhe received the Albert Landres Prize for his Indochina reporting.

Our enemies fight for fantasies, not freedomArmed Forces JournalMay On the other side we have the soldiers. Never a good idea to provoke those who dwell in the high and rugged places. None better has been written.


The Centurions

But he had to get accustomed to it, to harden himself and shed all those deeply ingrained, out-of-date notions which make for the greatness of Western man but at the same time prevent him from protecting himself. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Good dialogue seems to suffer the same fate. During their time in captivity, the French paratroop officers who survive the ordeal to be repatriated, bond together and try to utilize communist “revolutionary war” tactics in order to win their next war in Algeria.

There’s not much place for women or love in The Centurionsalthough I count two true loves, one of a woman unreturned, and fatal for the soldier she is caring for, and another of a man surprised for a rich woman whose Algerian farm is burned down by rebels.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about The Centurionsplease sign up. The novel is very critical of Belgian colonialism and is also a reliable expression of European views of Central Africa after independence. The problem is, one has to keep them. Unfortunately, Larteguy dealt with very difficult and nasty problems, though one would have to say if his “solutions” do eliminate the difficult they certainly enhance all that is nasty.

We see them, warts and all, and we feel for them.

The intro to the Penguin edition of The Centurions lets us know that by now, you’ll find copies of this superb novel on the desks of many prominent soldiers, including Generals David Petraeus and Stanley McChrystal, who showed such competence whatever else happened to them later in their superintendence of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, respectively.

All of them are coming unwillingly to realize that the world is changing, war is changing, and France, too, the France they have loved and fought for, is changing, shrinking, losing its grip on the far-off lands it once controlled. His novels have been read by military professionals, including General David Petraeus, in the new context of modern terrorism. Larteguy was writing in French for a French audience shortly after the conclusion of the war, and he takes for granted that the reader knows the broad contours of the conflict, which I definitely did not.

The Annual register of world events, Volume