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LaCie Ethernet Disk mini 10/ – User Manual, Installation, Troubleshooting Tips, and Downloads. Reset or Update the ED Mini 10/ · Ethernet Disk gives. LaCie Ethernet Disk Mini-Home Edition – User Manual, Installation, Troubleshooting Tips, and Downloads. The default machine name for the LaCie Ethernet Disk mini is “EDmini”. mini’s IP address: Obtain Configuration From DHCP Server or Configure Manually.

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The process is called initialization. However, there is no guarantee that emini will not occur in a manua, installation. For optimal performance, keep the I J name of the LaCie Ethernet Disk mini under 1 6 characters, and do not use characters, such as: Internet Explorer unable to navigate web administration on Ethernet Disk Mini: If you have asked yourself all of the pertinent questions in the troubleshooting checklist, and you still can’t get your LaCie drive to work properly, contact us via the provided Web link.

Unable to connect to Ethernet Disk: Be sure not to block these openings when using your drive. This icon mmanual to an important step that must be followed. Are any LaCie network products compatible with Hipserv? What precautions should I take with my LaCie drive? Doing so increases the risk of electrical shock, short-circuiting, fire or personal injury.

After clicking Log Off, click on the Close Windows button to leave the program. Also called a controller.

Windows Users i 1 From the System Tray located in the lower right-hand side of your screenclick on the Eject icon a small green arrow over a hardware image. If your network is not DHCP enabled, you will need to manually configure the address; please see section 4.


Rear View 11 2. Ethernet Disk mini Media Server Functionality.

LaCie offers a complete line of CD, DVD and Tape drives, and if you would like more information on backup, please refer to the LaCie white paper laacie backup methods and technology.

Partition, -ing – After formatting, the hard drive is not yet ready to store files. Please refer to your network administrator for more information about your network and which parameters you should use.

Ethernet Disk mini

Read the warning before continuing. If the system’s power save feature supports it, the drive will spin down during the power save laciie. Thanks to the file system, users and computers can easily display path, directories and files recorded onto the disc. Make sure that your drive is not reading or writing and that the activity LED is off before disconnecting the USB cable.

Your LaCie Ethernet Disk mini page 10 2. Disk Menu By clicking on the Disk tab, you will be brought to the main page of the Disk menu. Failure to remove the adapter may result in damage to your drive and maual void your warranty.

The new shares will be placed on your desktop. When connected to a network, the LaCie Ethernet Disk mini becomes a Network Attached Storage device, capable of supporting an unlimited number of users connecting simultaneously.

Ethernet Disk mini-Home Edition | LaCie Support US

Configuration Menu By clicking on the Configuration tab, you will be brought to the main page of the Configuration menu. LaCie Ethernet Disk mini 5. Default Gateway – This is the default IP address of the Gateway that is available for the specified network. Changes The material in this document is for information only and subject to change without notice. Windows 95 and 98 Users – To access your shares under Windows 95 and 98, you will need to create a user on the LaCie Ethernet Disk mini with the same username and password as your log in for Windows.


Each communication carries the address of the source and destination networks and the particular machine within the network associated with the user or host computer on each end.

If it esmini not display on first connection or you want to open the program later, simply open the LaCie Ethernet Disk lacei and start the EDmini LogOn application. Minimum System Requirements for more information.

To do this, simply drag the hard drive icon to the trash. Seagate terms and conditions will apply. Bit – The smallest measure of computerized data, either a 1 or a 0. Never insert any metallic object into the drive to avoid any risk of electrical shock, fire, short-circuiting or dangerous emissions.

In this process, the hard disk writes special information onto its own recording surfaces into areas blocks that are ready to accept user data.

Full text of “LaCie Ethernet Disk mini user’s Manual”

Warranty page 38 9. Dust can build up inside the device, increasing the risk of damage or malfunction. IP Address – This is a number either bit for Internet Protocol Version 4, or 1 bit for Internet Protocol Version 6 that identifies each sender or receiver of information that is sent in packets across the Internet. Log Off 24 6. From here you can modify the name of the LaCie Ethernet Disk mini. This process of dividing up the hard drive is called partitioning.