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A literal prose translation of about half of Krilof’s fables. cf. Pref. Ivan Andreyevich Krylov: Ivan Andreyevich Krylov, Russian writer of innocent- sounding fables that satirized contemporary social types in the. Ivan Krylov has been loved by Russian people for two hundred years for his Fables, works in which he gently satirizes the manifold.

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Chinghiz Aitmatov Chinghiz Aitmatov was the most celebrated representative of Kyrgyzstan and is revered for bridging the traditional Kyrgyz folklore and modern Eurasian literature.

Ivan Krylov – Wikipedia

Home Russia Culture Literature I. Soon after, however, favles died in St. His fables were often rooted in historic events and are easily recognizable by their style of language and engaging story. Your contribution may be further edited by our staff, and its publication is subject to our final approval.

Ivan Krylov – Russiapedia Literature Prominent Russians

To Krylov’s approbation, with the ending of La Krylof fable in mind, the peasant kills it as untrustworthy. In Russia his language is considered of high quality: He is the author of more than fables. Ivan Andreyevich Krylov was born in a provincial town near St.

Krylov had learned French while still a child and his early work followed La Fontaine closely. During the Pugachev Fabels the family lived in Orenburg, which was besieged by the rebels.


Krilof and his fables

His language is so simple, but at the same time live and figurative, that it can be compared with painting. Poetry short story In short story: Ralphs Ktylov sobranie dramaticheskikh sochinenii, ed. His miniature dramas capture problematic situations common to all of his readers — such as relations between people of the different caste and class.

Sapozhnikova Basni, illustrated by A. His animal fables blend naturalistic characterization of the animal with an allegorical portrayal of basic human types; they span individual foibles as well as difficult interpersonal relations. Krylov was born in Moscow into the family of a poor army captain. He had become associated with the cultural circle of A. From to Krylov and his friends were publishing satirical magazines: After some time the sheeps disappear completely.

Ralston, third edition,pp. There, Krylov obtained a position in the civil servicebut gave it up after his mother’s death in PetersburgRussian writer of innocent-sounding fables that satirized contemporary social types in the guise of beasts.

He had to start working to support the family.

A multitude of half-legendary stories were told about his laziness, his gluttony and the squalor in which he lived, as well as his witty repartee. To earn his living, Krylov taught children in the household of Prince Sergei Golitsyn, arranged musical and theatrical entertainments, and served for a period as Golitsyn’s secretary, when he was appointed military governor of Livonia. Krylov published his first collection of fables Basni inand the second Novyia basni two years later.


Poeziia narodnoi mudrosti by V. Petersburg on November 21, Despite this lack krlyov success, their satire and the humour of his comedies helped the author gain recognition in literary circles.

While on duty, he used to lie on a sofa reading novels all day, just to kill time. On his deathbed, he sent to his friend a copy of the last edition of his fables as a farewell gift.

It was erected on the centenary of Krylov’s death in and represents the poet standing and looking down an alley lined with metal reliefs of the fables mounted on plinths. If you prefer to suggest your own revision of the article, you can go to edit mode requires login.

Many of Krylov’s fables, especially those krlyov satirize contemporary political situations, take their start from a well-known fable but then diverge.