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Find great deals for Sony Bravia KDLXBR4 46″ p HD LCD Internet TV. Shop with confidence on eBay!. KDLXBR4. 46″ Class BRAVIA® XBR® Series LCD TV (” Diagonally). Key Features. bit Full HD p Panel (x)5. Sony Corporation. LCD Digital Color TV. (1). KDLXBR4. KDLXBR4. KDLXBR4. KDLXBR5. KDLXBR5. KDLXBR5.

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I could live happily with the XBR4 over the long haul.

The Tree Of Life. I never had a serious need to input i or p. They arrived exactly on time. When I streamed 46br4 show from the Fox website, I was amazed at how well the picture held up even when I expanded the playback display to full screen. They even provide a proprietary technology called Digital Reality Creation, which minimizes the loss in interlace-to-progressive conversion.

This is surrounded by an aluminum-trimmed clear glass frame, which gives the image a suspended-in-space look. Use it as a TV or a computer display that also enhances your room’s decor with its sleek design. First lesson learned, you can’t go by in-store set-ups alone!


What we did learn, is that any set with a highly reflective screen would not suit us. We’re here to see if it delivers the goods. It remains grey when Night or dark scenes are on the screen. The Samsung’s larger 52″ screen was a little more immersive, and its resolution was, subjectively, just as impressive as the Sony’s.


Sony Bravia KDL-46XBR4 46″ 1080p HD LCD Internet TV

It’s spec’d for better black levels, a new, slick on-screen menu system, and Hz operation, a feature that can reduce image smear with moving images, which is one of the lingering problems of LCD display technology. These would disappear after the TV was on for a few minutes. High-def channels are mind-blowing to 46xb4 Set up was simple and fast.

Chapter s 1 and 7 of Star Trek: And the gorgeous p image it produces from high definition content dispels any nostalgia mdl the standard definition era.

Not Specified by Manufacturer. Related Latest Reviews News. I have used the HDMI connections to input from my set to my sound system and the sound carries through the systems flawlessly.

Second 46xbr learned, be mindful of your set up!

The Countdown Will Be Televised. Cinematic Wide-screen with Aspect Ratio We really like to watch sports and this TV keeps up with the fast paced movements. The picture is also absolutely phenomenal when watching Blu-ray movies.

If your looking for something a litle cheaper with good quality, check out Sony’s S Series, it’s a great T.

S-Force Surround Sound Listen to realistic surround sound without rear speakers. And that’s not a bad thing. Puttin’ on the Hz One of the weaknesses of LCDs has been motion blur; the LCD elements simply do not respond to fast changes in the image as quickly as do other display technologies.


However, we bought this unit to serve as our 46xbf4 TV for the next years and look at the aditional expense as a long-term investment.

But even though the TV’s black level is impressive, I still don’t feel that it attains that deep black found in higher end plasmas. Beyond the detail, the color on this Sony is rich without being overly saturated.

But, please, Setup Responsibly.

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I am very happy I chose this Sony TV. Posted Sep 26, 8: Conclusion You won’t necessarily get the same results I did from the Sony by just plugging it in and turning it on. Despite this, curent models from both Panasonic plasma and Samsung LCD were also very attractive to us.

Report incorrect product information. Good DVDs looked fine on the Sony, however, at a more practical viewing distance. The colors are also vivid and bright, but never over-the-top.

I have been bad mouthing Sony for over a year and now I have to say that I am pleased with them extending the warranty. Press Home and the Main Menu is displayed. If you turn the Motion Enhancer off, each source frame is simply repeated as many times as needed to get to Hz, with no interpolation.

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