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Johanna Michaelsen is a noted author, researcher, lecturer and authority on the occult. Her internationally best selling autobiography, The Beautiful Side of Evil. Was Johanna Michaelsen really a Christian spirit medium? Johanna Michaelsen WAS DECEIVED maybe by Hal Lindsey in The Beautiful Side of Evil?. Johanna Michaelsen is the author of The Beautiful Side of Evil ( avg rating, ratings, 36 reviews, published ), Like Lambs to the Slaughter (3.

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This book must be read by every Christian in these last day. This is a very interesting story about Johanna’s involvement in the occult and how she learned to distinguish between the new age occult and the way of the Lord. Dec 30, Rosabella Knightley rated it really liked it Shelves: Return to Book Page.

Are you an author? Randolph and his beloved wife Johanna were married in Such doctrinal lunacy, however, perfectly fits the theology of Hal Lindsey and all those who believe in the lie of eternal security once saved always saved.

At the meeting, Grant started to lay hands on me to pray when an angry expression came across his face and he blew on me instead causing me to fall All Christians need to read this book and pray not to be deceived by the spirits in the land.

Johanna Michaelsen fell into his trap of false miracles, Esp, and Spirit guides. Why waste time going through the details of unsupported claims?

Lausten – 17 July So when i started this book i thought that the recomendation was way off base, and i wouldn’t like the read. Originally authored here and republished with permission: Nov 10, Irene rated it really liked it Shelves: It was my favorite book johanba a good spell no pun intended!

Views Read Edit Fossil record. How could the aforementioned passages be flatly rejected? She states she is Charismatic and believes in all the gifts of the spirit.

Today, experience and emotionalism have taken over as the means to “try the spirits’ in “religious” circles rather than the methods mentioned in the Bible. You can tell she is a true cat lover and “gets” them.


Christianity portal v – t – e. I warn you, as I did before, that those who live like this will not inherit the kingdom of God.

I liked how she spoke about her love for cats. Hear Johanna Michaelsen Who Thought She Was A Christian Occultist But I was left with questions [after talking with Edith Schaeffer] because there were a few annoying people who were committed believers in my background who kept asking me questions.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. I am aware but this woman to my knowledge never had any sort of debunking, and the fame she got from her story had mchaelsen a lot of serious legal trouble. Jan 01, Ginette rated it really liked it Recommended johajna Ginette by: To ask other readers questions about The Beautiful Side of Evilplease sign up.

Similar authors to follow

I don’t stick my head in the sand but I don’t go chasing demons either. Yet, its importance is particularly important in today’s world where the words and actions of many individuals, including Christians, are influenced by New Age and occult practices and beliefs.

Thus would lead to her conversion and end up as the fundamentalist we would know today. Also the psychic kept on prescribing quack diets and Mingus died a few months after seeing the psychic. Navigation Home Main menu Home News!

Michaelsen Ministries

The author johnana into disturbing detail that makes the whole experience all the more horrific. I would love to read an updated or revised edition of the book since it is 33 years old but it is just as relevant today as it was back when it was first released.

Her story of her ” occult ” experiences pre-conversion shot her into fundie superstardom and she became a beacon for other forms of wingnutterylike the promoting of Lauren Stratford [7]whom she was probably the biggest defender of as Michaelsen supposedly took Stratford into her home for months [8] and was also a champion of Mike Warnke.

And I had to admit I didn’t. She didn’t seem to be a credible witness, and the whole time I was reading I kept thinking to myself that I was reading a very intense religious-fiction book.


CFI Forums | Refuting Johanna Michaelsen and Pachita- a New age fraud that spawned a Christian one

Navigation Home Main menu Home News! I read this book as a teenager and back in those days there was a LOT of “exposing” going on, as well as a lot of heightened fanatical sensationalism.

Before anything else, however, Randolph and I want to tell you all how profoundly grateful we are for your prayers, encouraging messages and generous support this past year.

She had claimed to have had supernatural experiences from the age of eleven onward, which she now believes was inherited from her great-great aunt, Dixie Jarratt Haygood, a vaudeville performer whose tricks were easily replicated by those that knew them. The more I fasted, michqelsen, repented of sin, the less I wanted to go to these services.

Johanna becomes her apprentice, so she may one day take Pachita’s place Johanna Michaelsen has always had the ability to see demons and spirits.

Johanna Michaelsen

Being extremely familiar with the New Age and Occult I understood exactly where she was coming from, however, people with no previous experience or who have jlhanna had an “OBE” or spiritual enlightening event may only relate to the story michaelwen fiction combined with stories of her travels.

I was saved but searching for the power of God and began visiting a “church” for special services where the focus was on outward manifestations. Dec 27, Kas rated it really liked it Shelves: High to Low Avg. There’s a fine line between the reality of such acts and the sensationalist notions that elude to demons “around every corner”.

It’s a small-sized book and fits well in your hand and is easy to read and remember. Please dont let the Christian aspect scare you off if you are atheist. I’m not sure if it’s crazy good or crazy bad.