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The eGate Integrator serves as the foundation of the java composite Application which is a web browser-based interface used by system administrators to. Java Composite Application Platform Suite (Java CAPS) is a standards-based enterprise Other products in the suite include eInsight Business Process Manager, eVision Until Java CAPS 5, Sun Java System Application Server 9 was used. JCAPS, warfighters can plan, execute and manage C4ISR assets in support of .. The system administrator defines users and user groups consisting of one or.

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Java Caps – Wikipedia

In the Password field, syshem the corresponding password. This gives administrators the flexibility to incorporate best of breed technology into their business strategy, without any need to uproot legacy IT investments. Roles enable you to organize users into groups.

Home Resources Sitemap Support. In a browser, enter the following URL: Alert escalation rules ensure responsiveness and provide additional exception handling.

Content on this page requires a newer version of Adobe Flash Player. The Enterprise Designer and Enterprise Manager clients can communicate with the Repository sywtem a firewall. Binary Spectrum signs a contract with a Medical company.

In the User ID field, enter an application server user name. The following screen capture shows the Users List page. In the run-time environment, J2EE compatible integration servers are used as operational engines while the propagation of messages are carried out by JMS-compatible message servers. The application server includes the following default user. Each user name is associated with one or more predefined roles.


By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Multibyte characters are not supported. Any configuration or logic changes are dynamically applied to the runtime environment. Ensure administator the check box to the right of the Require Authentication label is selected.

Conversely, eGate may dynamically subscribe to a system without prior knowledge of the publishing system.

This version also introduced an adapter for HL7 messaging. A user name with this role can: Additional security measures ensure the validity of participating components and application data throughout the network. InSun Microsystems was acquired by Oracle Corporation.

You can drag and administgator the various collaborations, intelligent Queues and eWay adapters on to a connectivity Map and the eGate Integrator will use this map to intuitively configure the end to end flow of messages within an integration scenario.

Each definition must include one or more integration or administeator servers such as the Sun SeeBeyond Integration Server, which are the engines that run Collaborations and eWays An eWay is a component that connects eGate Integrator to an external business application. Object Type Definitions are a set of rules that describe the.


eGate JCAPS | HL7 Interface Engine :: Healthcare Integration :: MDI Solutions

The suite has several components that help to integrate existing applications and deliver new business services in a service-oriented architecture environment. All Project information is stored in the Repository sysstem is the heart of the eGate Integrator. To achieve to highest degree of scalability, eGate is also a Distributed Architecture.

The following table describes the predefined roles for Enterprise Manager users.

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The default Repository users have all of these roles. All rights reserved Facebook LinkedIn. Changing Passwords The following procedure describes how users can jcaos their password.

Select the user and click Delete. You can add and delete roles for a Repository user. In the Confirm Password field, enter the password again. This user can now log in with the assigned user name and password.