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Please keep in mind that your TGMC project will only be recognized as valid, if at least one IBM Software is used in the development of project. List of. Name of Project. Team Leader. Date of submission. 1. Online college Magazine. 26/03/ 2. E-Elcon. 26/03/. Visit to know more about these instructions. Important guidelines for TGMC project submission: • Please.

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And today, it has been a year, and only a week since the final round results of the contest were announced, and to our extreme delight, we were declared to be ttgmc the winners!

Neelakshi explained to them the overview about the very idea of our project and what problems we intended to solve. We decided ivm give it a try and registered for the competition. It was only at the end of our presentation that we realized that we had been in the hall for more than an hour, longer than any other group from West Bengal!

Project Guidelines for TGMC 2012 in TGMC

Database Concurrency Comparator E-Mandi: Documents folder for all your documents 2. Database Concurrency Comparator E-Mandi: When I saw an update today on the lisy that I had been monitoring rpoject the last few weeks, and realized that it had been an entire year since we conceived the idea of our project, an indescribable feeling ran through me. So was the case with many of my classmates. Corporate Employee Welfare System: IT professional certification has become an expectation while hiring.

Footer links Contact Privacy Terms of use. Insurance System with Tracking Manager. Posted by Abhimanyu rathore at 9: I personally had to depart by 4 am to reach before the reporting time. Registration of companies are to be completed only after the registration documents had been successfully verified by authorities such as the Police Department, Income Tax Department, Bank, etc.


Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Online grievience redressal system Online picture manager: We need the backup of your database.

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The completed project has to be packaged as mentioned below. Labels tgmc 23 tgmc 19 ibm 11 java 9 Ajax 8 db2 8 rational application developer 7 Jquery 6 jsp 6 Installation 5 webshpere 5 tgmc kbm uml 4 SRS 3 databae application 1 file uploading 1 java beans 1 sending email using 1 sms using java 1. Faces of Techno India…….

The photos of the same will be updated soon. Pal llist into describing the features. All of the above has to be created as separate files and stored in the docs folder. Data Range from till date. We’re here to help Easy ways to get the answers you need. Tender Management in India is yet to go online completely, and one must admit there is ample scope in the current system for corruption to creep in. E-Mandi Employee Projeect management System: As of now, the results are live at.

A Truly Inspiring Story.

Luckily, we had 3G connection on mobile which served as an alternate. Get recognized by IBM as a Blue Scholar and be spotted by our business partners and customers as a valued skilled resource.


Corporate Employee Welfare System: Disabling services from getting started on system boot. Without their guidance, I am not sure if I would have been writing this blog post today!

The Great Mind Challenge: Project Scenarios

Unfortunately, most of us were unable to submit a fully working project by the end of the submission period. During placement, they clearly prioritize the IBM certified candidates over others. Chessmaster club DuplicateTestCases Detector: Insurance System with Tracking Manager.

Ltd who also gave away the prizes to all the winners of TGMC in the various categories and also felicitated the Champions of the season Test Case folder for screenshots and test cases 5. Posted by Abhimanyu rathore at 9: And so, we analyzed every feature projectt wanted to put in, and tried our best to ensure that they would not compromise on the security of the database or the privacy of the users, while also lisy transparency throughout the bid selection procedure.

IBM – Project Praviin – TGMC Results – India

Paradarshii- corruption free economy Smart Traffic management system: A great going ppl. General instructions for project documentation: Click here to see the results.

IBM will provide their toolkit Disks but it will take time so peoject download them by own.

The Administrator creates accounts for Senior Officer and PWD Officers, and generates reports, in addition to the usual responsibilities. Our audience consisted of representatives from IBM and reputed names hgmc the industry. Professional certifications have become even more important as companies prefer to hire people who need little or no on-job training.