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Free delivery and returns on all eligible orders. Shop FERMAX AUDIO AUTOMATIC SWITCHER. Maximum 7 accesses. 1 switcher is required for each audio/video door access. In installations with 2 accesses, only 1 switcher is needed. For residential. Find great deals for Fermax Ref Automatic Audio Switcher. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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When the electric lock is activated, a message 2 is reproduced: Allows communication between the management computer and the installation using the computer network Ethernetavoiding additional cabling.

Silent calls can be 20 mm protusion from the wall once fixed. In small installations with 1 panel and up to 24 telephones, it is not necessary if the power supply is connected directly to the outdoor panel. DUOX is the new digital system representing an innovative and technological leap in the intercom market.

The electric strike requiere a short S shield ref. One per reader is required. SLV1N3 Audio with keypad and 6 push. Automatic opening when the authorised cell phone is within range of the receiver, or by means of a keypad confirmation or introducing a PIN.

It automatically closes the lock bolt without having to use the key and allows remote opening from the dwelling.

Recommended for offices, businesses, garages, etc. Compact audio and video module. See Access Control section. Kit flush box S1.


The final result is a compact and robust equipment set, just like a monoblock panel IP43 IK7. Necessary when the Flush box Surface box Hood panel must be fitted in a point hard to access, Angular complement for example behind a gate.

Increases the capacities of any project. Only for flush-mounted monitor. Credit customers must settle accounts within Company. Every endeavour will be made by the handling or installation are excluded from Company to adhere to the delivery dates warranty. The keypad incorporates an access control function VDS codes.

Fermax General Catalogue

VIVO is a tribute to cutting edge technology with the style. If an AC electric lock is used, an additional power supply ref. Within range of the receiver, requesting the personal access code to open the door.

Incorporates one relay to activate the lock release and another for auxiliary functions. Texturised finish for easy cleaning and ultraviolet protection.

Fermax Corporate | FERMAX

Recommended for very thin frames. The pushbutton contacts and digital keypad are watertight, assuring their operation and reliability. Add an 8 Automatic functioning and small shield. L1 DUOX line termination ref.

Additional characters incur a separate charge. S1 x Flush box dimensions: Maximum 3 terminal per house. S5 x Flush box dimensions: Restricted to authorised telephones. One repeater every 1. The chart below will enable you to produce the right part number for your order. Bluetooth must be activated in order to receive opening and administration commands as well as being able to send the corresponding configuration commands.


The number of users fermxa centralized mode depends on the central unit. Access to any telephone. The references indicated include digital VDS amplifier and colour camera in case of video panel. F1 12Vdc door lock ref. The system is compatible with most of the switches preferably with PoE and QoS support. For installation in lifts or garages, in order to make calls to concierge. Needed in codified digital panels. No need for any special configuration for LYNX. Includes memory for incidents record A.

One set efrmax required for each additional frame installed between the flush box.

MAX version not allowed. It can manage one reader to enter and AC Access sofware another to exit.

PT. Multi Sistim Komunikasi – Fermax Audio dan Videophone

E1 Call extension module. Can store up to 40 authorised telephones in stand-alone mode. Records and stores audio messages. RF receiver for garage entrance. A1 18Vdc power supply ref. Add ferrmax distributor ref. Flush-mounted or surface installation.