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Samuel P. Huntington, author of The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World El desafío hispano: en el siguiente texto, el académico Samuel P.. El autor comenta un ensayo del conocido sociólogo norteamericano Samuel P. En su ensayo «El desafío hispano» Samuel P. Huntington, el mundialmente. “Polémico libro del académico estadounidense Samuel Huntington. ” Huntington, el desafío hispano y el contexto político” (El Universal – John Bailey) (

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Americans should not let that change happen unless they are hispajo that this new nation would be a better one. They had no historical claim to any U.

“El desafío hispano” de Samuel Huntington. by Maria Quintana on Prezi

They demand recognition of their culture and the historic Mexican identity of the U. The Hispanic that is, largely Mexican population of Southern California far exceeds in number but has yet to reach the proportions of the Hispanic population of Miami saamuel though it is increasing rapidly.

Perhaps equally important, business groups seeking to corner the Hispanic market support bilingualism as well. As a result, they have overlooked the unique characteristics and problems posed by contemporary Hispanic immigration.

In the long term, Mexican immigration could decline when the economic well-being of Mexico approximates that of the United States. The Cuban government has responded in kind. In the debates over language policy, the late California Republican Senator S.

Samuel Huntington – [DOCX Document]

Hispanic organizations play a central role in inducing the U. Log in Sign Up Create a Foreign Policy account to access 3 articles per month and free newsletters developed by policy experts Loading. Subsequent immigrants were more lower class. This reality poses a fundamental question: Mexican Americans enjoy a sense of being on their own turf that is not shared by other immigrants. But the Hispanics alone have maintained there is a problem.


This situation is unique for the United States and the world. The former goal was achieved: To be sure, the Los Angeles area has immigrants from many countries, including Korea and Vietnam. Two questions remain, however. Of Miamians speaking a non-English language at home, The creed, however, drsafio the product of the distinct Anglo-Protestant culture of the founding settlers.

In these programs, students are taught in both English and Spanish on an alternating basis with a view to making English-speakers fluent in Spanish and Spanish-speakers fluent in English, thus making Spanish the equal of English and transforming the United States into a two-language country.

The Cuban influx into Florida was intermittent and responded to the policies of the Cuban government. Although second- and third-generation Mexican Americans and other Hispanics acquire competence in English, they also appear to deviate from the usual pattern by maintaining their competence in Spanish. Nonetheless, insomehispxno second-generation students in Southern California schools who spoke Spanish at home were not proficient in English.

The evidence on English acquisition and Spanish retention among immigrants is limited and ambiguous. The Mexican community in the United States has been more ambivalent and nuanced in its attitudes toward the Mexican government.

Documents.tips Samuel Huntington Ciocnirea Civilizatiilor

BySpanish was not just the language spoken in most homes, it was also the principal language of commerce, business, and politics. Yet, even such dramatic economic development would not necessarily reduce the impulse to emigrate. Feature The Hispanic Challenge The persistent inflow of Hispanic immigrants threatens to divide the United States into two peoples, two cultures, and two languages.


Events on LibraryThing Local. The highly diversified immigration into New York, for example, creates the problem of teachers dealing with classes containing students who may speak 20 different languages at home. Americans like to boast of their past success in assimilating millions of immigrants into their society, culture, and politics.

Since the s, the numbers of foreign-born people in the United States have expanded immensely, with Asians and Latin Americans replacing Europeans and Edsafio, and diversity of source dramatically giving way to the dominance of one source: One might suppose that, with the hislano expansion of eel Mexican immigrant community, people of Mexican origin would have less incentive to become fluent in and to use English in than they had hispan Now Professor Huntington turns his attention from international affairs to our domestic asmuel rifts as he examines the impact other civilizations and their values are having on our own country.

Founding Fathers considered the dispersion of immigrants essential to their assimilation. This group increased by almost 10 percent from to and has now become larger than blacks.

Inillegal Mexicans in the United States were 25 times as numerous as the next largest contingent, from El Salvador. Spanish-language competence, University of New Mexico professor F.