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“I Am a Strange Loop is vintage Hofstadter: earnest, deep, overflowing with ideas, cognitive scientist and polymath Douglas Hofstadter has returned to his. Scott O’Reilly loops the loop with Douglas Hofstadter. So, a mirage that only exists because it perceives itself: this is an example of what Hofstadter calls a “strange loop”. He has an endearing.

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I liked this book, but there was a lot I think I missed.

If there were a creature with no “I” concept, whose entire neural network was nothing but pain receptors, and it writhed and screamed at even the slightest touch, would you touch it? After about pages of reading I still was unsure what the point was supposed to be. The choice of metric is THE moral choice. Hofstadter contends that if we have lived and loved someone long and deeply enough, our symbol models will come to mirror their perspective ever more closely.

Srange this story lacks is an understanding of how a unique point-of-view makes the self what it is. I Am a Strange Loop argues that the key to understanding selves and consciousness is the “strange loop”–a special kind of abstract feedback loop inhabiting our brains.

And I tsrange mean that as a compliment. If that friend happens to be Douglas Hofstadter, it’s probably worth your while to stick around for a wh I got about three-quarters of the way through and by then it seemed like Hofstadter had completely lost the plot. So Hofstadter is here to say If the self is a narrative fiction, then how does it pull the levers which initiate free action?

Hofstadter is a respected academic, and I’m a dingus with a Goodreads account.

If not a mosquito, is a bee conscious? My sorry little review gives no idea of the depth or richness of this book. Dec 20, Robert rated it liked it Shelves: Thus the patterns that represent my love for 19th century novels can easily to replicated in another’s brain–my wife’s for instance–which results in a part of identity having a kind of weak, second order existence in my wife’s brain.


But to the individual who is teleported, the experience is not continuous. How can we always wake up as the same person? Yet as a scientist he must have the habit of hofstadger verification of results.

In my On the face of it, this is an interesting book. Sometimes, too, Hofstadter employs playful analogies to show how consciousness works, and how it doesn’t work. Basically an argument for the nature of consciousness that all but proves Descartes’ proposition.

Review of Hofstadter, Douglas R.: I Am a Strange Loop

This idea of souledness is of course essentially a moral one. All FARG computational models share certain key principles, among which are: Refresh and try again. I look forward to reading the remainder of the book and perhaps finding a few nuggets of value. DH makes as persuasive a case for a non-dualistic theory of mind, and provides as convincing an account albeit, a diuglas metaphorical one of what minds do, how selves form, and what it means to perceive as any Hofsgadter have come across.

Fascinating to hear about Hofstadter going through the loss of his wife. Osim metafora iznosi malo dokaza za svoje pretpostavke, uz neke krajnje olake kvalifikacije. The jury may be out on the validity of the hypotheses and models he sets forth. It doesn’t hold water.

I Am a Strange Loop

It seemed like hkfstadter arguments could have been made much more clearly in a shorter work and if he toned down his personality.

The meat of this book, which uses an analogy with Godel’s critique of the Principia Mathematica to explain how the concept of an “I” might be an emergent phenomenon of self referential loops in the brain, is interesting. Want to Read saving…. Because consciousness forms the substance of identity and consciousness is basically a process of accumulating and recalling patterns, these patterns have no essential connection to the “wet-ware” of the brain.


I am fully ready to drink the Kool-Aid. He makes some bold claims about the nature of consciousness, but he doesn’t use his terms and concepts rigorously enough to keep his arguments straight, and he doesn’t do much work to back them up anyway.

I Am A Strange Loop by Douglas Hofstadter | Issue 78 | Philosophy Now

There is no free-will because all your brain is doing is weighing pros and cons of various choices and whichever internal symbol gets the most checkmarks wins. We moved in together after our third date. I tried to find a textual justification for this position wherein he states that, in his estimation, “interiority” is the same or largely corollated to soul size. Most likely they will not. But he really wishes they did, not only because they’re his ideas.

It was just a clever mapping. Which is more real? Why do we need to sleep? Jan 29, Mishehu rated it it was amazing.

The development of his theme is slow, so I read the hofstwdter to find out if he was coming to anything other than where he seemed to be going. It doesn’t seem to be necessary for his argument, which I think is going to be that the idea of rich “interiority” is essentially a matter of being able to build ideas out of ideas in a self-referential fashion.