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GUIA RAPIDA DIALISIS PERITONEAL AUTOMATIZADA – Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. Características, complicaciones y resultados clínicos de los pacientes tratados con diálisis peritoneal automatizada en la unidad de diálisis peritoneal del.

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Napoleón Serrano

Therefore intensive management of risk factors hypertension, diabetes and dyslipidaemia and prompt recognition ofinfection is hereby recommended. Quality of life over time in dialysis: Also it would have been useful to know how many peritonitis episodes were there per patient. The causes of ESRD were no different from other studies as hypertension, diabetes mellitus and chronic glomerulonephritis were the leading causes 1, 3, 8, Paed Nephrol ; Peritoneal dialysis for patients with ESRD offers many advantages, including better quality of life, preservation of residual renal function, and patients and care-giver flexibility and satisfaction.

Normalization of hemoglobin level in patients with chronic kidney disease and anemia. Effects of increased peritoneal clearances on mortality rates in peritoneal dialysis: La hemoglobina media fue 7. Knowledge of the transport properties of the peritoneal membrane is important to guide therapy, evaluate changes in the peritoneal membrane over time and also prognosticate.

The mean haemoglobin was 7.

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Peritoneal dialysis is one of the available renal replacement therapy for patients with end stage renal disease ESRD. It therefore is not surprising that they also accounted for the higher mortality seen in the study. Characteristics of long-term PD Sur vivors, 18 years’ experience in one center.


There are no data available from the Caribbean evaluating patients on PD. Chronic long-term PD is associated with progressive loss of ultrafiltration capacity and integrity of the peritoneal membrane.

Also, the use of vaccination as primary prevention in this population which is also likely to have congestive cardiac failure is recommended. The case files of 12 patients were not included because of incom plete data. The peritoneal membrane acts as the dialyzer. The long term use of intermittent peri toneal dialysis in ESRD was well documented as far back as and peritoneal dialysis was popularized in by Popovich and co-worker and it has been shown to offer better quality of life with better mortality profile 10, De los fallecidos por sepsis, Am J Kidney disease; ; However, death could not be ascribed to peritonitis in these four patients.

Kidney Internation al ; N Engl J Med ; NDT Plus ; 1: Sickle cell disease and persistent pos terior urethral valves were also found as significant causes of ESRD.

Identification and risk stratification should be en couraged in the patients both on PD as well as HD, and should be extended to other stages of CKD.

Ann of clin mic Blood pressure readings, number and types of daily medications used, blood transfusion, erythropoietin use, complications, outcome and cause of death were also collected.

A significant majority of the patients rely on packed red cell transfusion to maintain their haemoglobin as well as to relieve symptoms of anaemia.

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In fact, the Asian Round Table on dialysis economics has agreed to look into ways to increase the utilization of PD in order to improve the clinical and financial management of patients with ESRD. The repeated use of blood transfusion also has impli cations matching, selection and graft survival for patients being considered for renal transplantation.


Forty-one per cent ofpatients were transferred to haemodialysis mainly on account ofinadequate dialysis clearance. The hospital authority in Hong Kong reimburses only patients for PD. A sub-analysis of the mean haemoglobin among the different cause of ESRD would reflect this and possibly shed some light on the observed trend.

Peritoneal dialysis offers significant advantage of better residual renal function RRF when compared with haemodialysis.

Peritoneal dialysis Int automatizafa Therefore, careful attention should be paid to patient selection, timing and dose of PD, patients’ and family quality of aitomatizada, maintenance of adequate volume status, maintaining serum biochemical parameters at recommended values, control of calcium-phosphate product and long term viability of therapy. It is recommended that more peritoneal dialysis centres be set up, both home and centre-based, as first line modality of renal replacement therapy.

Demographic data age, gender, address, marital statusyear of dialysis commencement, cause of end stage renal disease ESRDhaemoglobin, serum electrolytes, serology, blood pressure readings, medications used, blood transfusion and erythropoietin use were collated.

Retrospective data were collected from peritoneal dialysis patients’ case files retrieved from the medical records department of UHWI. Although further breakdown showed that pneumonia Therefore, the reason for this is still unclear.