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: On Basilisk Station (Honor Harrington) (): David Weber: Books. Editorial Reviews. Review. On Basilisk Station (or “HH1” as it’s known to the faithful) is the first installment in David Weber’s cult hit Honor. On Basilisk Station, and indeed the entire Honor Harrington series by David Weber, never fails to make me thrill with wonder and delight as I.

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All opinions are my own.

What I liked was that Weber didn’t make her command style touchy feely like Janeway in Voyagerbut allowed us to see her thoughts as well as her actions. Feb 13, Hank rated it did not like it Shelves: Despite all of this I did enjoy the book.

The battle scenes were very well done bqsilisk too few and I do really like the character of Honor Harrington. I’m not going to deny that. His characterization is a bit flat.

SF : On Basilisk Station / David Weber ★★★★½

The narrative is all about character motivations, politics, and world building. I was very pleasantly surprised by this book. Jayne’s Fighting Ships of the Galaxy.

The Short Victorious War. Starting around Mission of Honor, dates started showing up in chapter headings so they’re easy to find.


On Basilisk Station by David Weber

The only cliches were the non-embarrassing ones. Yes, Weber has definitely brought something of the flavor of the earlier novels, set in the life of an ocean-going navy in the Napoleonic Wars, to this tale of a space-faring navy in the far future. It is also extremely honest because some of the themes are from Hornblower at least from the movies. Other books in the series. Sep 22, HBalikov rated it really liked it.

Honor Harrington 1 Now-April. But given the story’s background situation of an imperialist occupation of a less developed planet, view spoiler [in which the inhabitants are manipulated and then massacred by the thousands hide spoiler ]I needed something a bit more hard-hitting and incisive than a celebration of military professionalism, and a rueful “mistakes were made” awareness. I can see why some may see a resemblance to the Hornblower novels.

This page was last edited on 24 Novemberat This was my first David Weber novel and my introduction to Honor Harrington. The Service of the Sword.

We could see her thinking her way though the decisions she made. Likewise, his world-building is capable and vivid. However, I really don’t think there are a huge number of crossed ideas. I did think that Weber did a wonderful job with supporting characters, in particular with McKeon. I was horrible at the one required “physics for poets” class I took in college, and the book contained pages and pages of exposition about the physics of sp Interesting read.


The info dumps, the horrific cliches, the obsession with minutiae of already boring topics, the tell and not show style of writing and finally at the end, after a whole book of nothing happening we get some seriously gory scenes.

Why am I telling you this?

If there had been too many folks with complex motivations or issues, the story probably would have spun out of control into a brick. I listened to the audio book version of this book. Apr 20, Nikki rated it really liked it Shelves: Statio soporific and often incomprehensible descriptions of defense tactics, ship construction, and long-warring government factions made me incapable of appreciating the rare moments of plot development.

On Basilisk Station

I feel it bssilisk to admit a few things before starting this review proper. Weber’s supporting cast is life-like as well. Harrington’s assignment is basically boring smuggler control.