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Jan 21, The Good Cowon’s S9 portable media player offers a gorgeous OLED touch- screen display, long battery life, and features such as Bluetooth. Feb 5, If Apple’s limited codec support puts you off the iPod touch, the Cowon S9 could be just what you’re looking for. The Cowon S9 MP3 Player (Titanium Black) blends modern design with versatility. The sleek, yet simple, curved shape of the S9, fits naturally in your hand.

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For example, in order to fit controls for shuffle modes, song repeat, play and pause, skip, A-B loop, EQ, and tilt-sensor lock onto the S9’s music playback screen, Cowon used a control strip across the bottom of the screen that flips around to reveal a second set dowon controls.

Bluetooth The built-in Bluetooth capability lets you access your multimedia files without having to connect the player or stay next to your computer, speaker system, or other devices, giving you even greater freedom.

What Hi-Fi?

Continue to next page 01 Mac compatible Linux v2. It’s worth noting that the player works well with Windows Media Player, but can also be filled up using s drag-and-drop. Not only does the S9 use a lightening-fast capacitive touch interface comparable to the iPhone’sbut its 3. Uncompressed FLACs are equally stodgy, despite decent detail levels overall. It’s big to handle, but it’s very lightweight. The S9 has a touchscreen interface, but it’s not as sophisticated as that on the similar Samsung player, with less natural flicking and scrolling.

For the most part, the onscreen user interface of the S9 is one of the best we’ve ever seen from Cowon. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. The music-playback screen includes album art, track controls, EQ settings, file information, and options for bookmarking cowoj or adding them to codon on-the-go playlist.

Cowon S9 review: Cowon S9 – CNET

Review Sections Review Specs. The Cowon S9 is a classy, all-in-one entertainment system that goes anywhere you go. See any errors on this page? Against Slightly lazy musical delivery no iPlayer support fiddly to operate.

The Bottom Line The Cowon S9 is a sexy-looking gadget with exceptional audio and video quality, but its construction quality and user interface pale in comparison to the competition. Cowon S9 Sign in to comment Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic.


Having the headphone jack smack in the middle of the S9’s bottom edge makes it a bit awkward to hold in landscape view, and unless there’s a good excuse, we always prefer to see mini-USB jacks on portable devices than specialized connectors.

The Bad The Cowon S9’s user interface isn’t quite as polished as the competition, the plastic construction feels flimsy, and it lacks Wi-Fi, memory expansion, and a standard USB port. Gravity Sensor When you tilt your S9, it follows suit. Sounds great but lacks vision. Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook’s If it were up to us, we’d lose the S9’s play and skip buttons to lessen confusion, because more often than not we brushed the play button accidentally or hit track skip when we meant to turn up the volume.

The main menu is spacious, the touch screen is responsive, and we liked the extra details, such as icon animation and page transitions. One disappointing absence is iPlayer compatibility, but the list is otherwise comprehensive. Song control buttons on the top of the player allow you to operate the basic controls when the S9 is in your pocket.

When pressed, some of these controls EQ, for instance pop up new menus that overlay across the screen, requiring a precise click to close. Videos fair much better, thanks to a 3.

Ocwon the same top edge of the player you’ll find a track-skip switch also duplicated onscreen and a volume switch. Bluetooth capability gives you even more freedom with wireless access to multimedia files. The one you’ve been waiting for.

New ‘phones won’t fix everything The headphones aren’t quite as nasty as they look, but they’re not far off, producing a rather harsh and thin delivery. Hear the difference in the natural, yet powerful sound and pick from 30 presets for an even more enhanced experience.

Oh, and the built-in accelerometer means you only have to turn the player on its side for the picture to rotate and take advantage of the genuine Mistaking the button for a retractable stylus, we nearly ripped the button off just moments after taking the S9 out of the box the button has been a bit wobbly ever since. The mobile world might finally get exciting again in Our overriding criticism of the S9’s user interface is that it tries to do too much. The player’s gravity sensor adjusts the screen when you tilt the S9 on its side, giving you the option of a vertical or horizontal view.


The only glaring weak point we found with the S9’s construction is the thin, plastic play button lodged into the top edge of the screen. The Good Cowon’s S9 portable media player offers a gorgeous Vowon touch-screen display, long battery life, and features such as Bluetooth audio, voice recording, FM radio, Cowo media support, audio and video playback, a photo viewer, and a text reader.

Galaxy S9 brings Samsung two steps forward, one step back. Intuitive Controls The touch-screen design of the S9 gives you a wide surface on which w9 view options and scroll through menus.


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The sleek, yet simple, curved shape of the S9, fits naturally in your hand, while the generous 3. It works well here, as the S9 produces a brilliantly punchy, sharp and vibrant picture, with very solid motion and decent black depth for a device of this type. Korean company Cowon has been quietly but doggedly chasing the MP3 market leaders for years now, and this S9 is its most stylish and sophisticated player to date. In Septemberthe rating for the Cowon S9 was lowered slightly to account for its relative value compared with newer products.

In addition to these standard MP3 options, you can also listen to the radio, record voice, and play games. We can appreciate the ambitious amount of options Cowon is trying to offer the user, but at some point it just becomes messy–especially on a touch screen.

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The S9’s screen isn’t as large as the 3. Unfortunately, despite being Cowon’s best effort, Apple and Samsung have set the bar incredibly high with the interfaces of their touch-screen media players, which have benefited from the parallel development of touch-screen mobile phones. This tech sees the pixels themselves emitting light, theoretically increasing contrast levels and response time.

We’ve changed, we promise. The problem is that if you’re in the market for a small capacity player, music is likely to be your priority, and the S9 doesn’t quite cut it in this department.