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In and Around the Corsair Obsidian D. I’ll cut right to the chase, this thing is enormous. It was shipped to me freight, on its own pallet of one. Before we get too much further into this review, I want to be absolutely clear about how the Obsidian D is being evaluated, because it’s a. Now, the company is one-upping itself with the Obsidian D. For instance, there weren’t any instructions on how to remove the top cover.

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I enjoyed another benefit, too. Below all of those is a single panel that pops out to reveal the front fan mounts along with their removable filter.

An enclosure built from the ground up for custom liquid cooling loops is actually a fairly rarefied thing. Shipping Box and Unpacking Truly, this case presents a physical challenge for manuxl, including the delivery guy who I’m pretty sure hates me at this point. It’s amazing how much heat you can kick out using OpenCL-enabled benchmarks on high-end hardware like this.

There are side panels for the top chamber that are hinged at the bottom, and the left panel has a large window. This time around I’ll be a bit more serious.

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This corrects for the extra clearance that side-oriented SATA ports require, something few case manufacturers actually account for. Subscribe to our Newsletter. Corsair Obsidian D Case Review: Finally, behind the motherboard tray, Corsair actually includes latches for cable routing.

Highly Priced and Highly Specialized. An Illuminating Case Mod Page Installing The Power Supply. What that also means is that while I have to put it through our conventional testing, that conventional testing is going to be primarily academic.

You only live once. There is the angles screw driver at the left for getting in and tightening the screws in the expansion slots.

Corsair Obsidian D Case Review: Think Big, That’s Only HALF as Large

Thankfully it’s only 40 pounds, and I say that knowing that it could be worse. What you’re going to want to pay attention to are the feature set, ease of assembly, and overall design, and how they’re going to suit your purposes. Corsair keeps the other bulk corsaid radiator potential in the bottom of the enclosure, where you can theoretically install a mm radiator on one side and a mm radiator on the other, with mm of radiator clearance to the PSU.

Truly, this case presents a physical challenge for everyone, including the delivery guy who I’m pretty sure hates me at this point.

You can see the two power supply bays in the bottom, but I think Corsair missed an opportunity by not also allowing the user to install a power supply in the top of the case. I’m mahual testing the company’s latest effort in two completely different use cases. This diagram explodes the 090d into its various components and labels them so that you can read and familiarize yourself with the chassis in one place.



LAN parties here I come. Who needs a gym cordair Corsair’s Obsidian D is beckoning? Scythe Kaze Master Pro Page 7: Log in Don’t have an account?

In the event that rough shipping does affect the Obsidian’s integrity, you might find it difficult to close the lower manuap. I put the D through my familiar tilt test, though this time with the goal of straightening out the case, and I succeeded. Motherboard Installation And Cable Management.

Corsair Obsidian 900D Review: Making Room For High-End Gear

We put the case through our bevy of tests. Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon UK’s website. Outside Corsair’s Obsidian D. Corsair’s press materials highlight the fact that manuak case is designed for liquid cooling, but you’ve probably figured that out given how much I’ve repeated it.

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