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Nicky Marlow needs a job. He’s engaged to be married and the employment market is pretty slim in Britain in So when his fiancé points. : Cause for Alarm (): Eric Ambler: Books. Cause for Alarm and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle. : Cause for Alarm (Penguin Modern Classics) (): Eric Ambler: Books.

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In part one we meet Nick Marlow, a young engineer ,who in has lost his job and having just become engaged he takes a job in Milan for a company that manufactures shells in a very volatile Italy. The jacket is a bit sunned and torn but has suffered minimal paper loss.

The slarm sucks because a day prior to his layoff, he proposed to his fiancee. Graham wasn’t the first of Ambler’s protagonists to be trained, as Ambler was, as an engineer. Top class from the insouciant one!

Their flight takes up more than one third of the novel. Ambler put ordinary people into extraordinary situations, helping set up the genre that Le Carre would make his own 25 laarm later.

But you also may be the guy that gets squashed to a paste when those shells and amboer explosives start going off — ccause and your wife and kids. I can’t say I was thrilled at any stage while reading this lame account of a particularly pathetic British engineer who ends up the victim of espionage agents in pre-WW2 Fascist Italy.

But it’s nevertheless a reasonably good read that, for the most part, bears many tor Ambler’s trademark qualities: Jul 06, Kim rated it really liked it Shelves: However, Ambler never intended to be a thriller writer. Alfred A Knopf, He soon dropped out, and after the general strike found a job as a trainee at the Edison Swan Electric Company.

Dust jacket glued to pastedowns. There are old glue stains on the inside boards where the DJ was previously glued but not an ex-library book.


Cause for Alarm by Eric Ambler

Setting was good – pre-WWII – but thought the plot was a bit too straightforward – kept waiting for a twist but everything was as it was presented. The novel has a classic ‘noir’ feeling and is very entertaining.

The light green boards are clean with minor wear and there is causf red top stain. I will definitely be exploring Eric Ambler’s other books.

But the skill of this novel more than its predecessors is the in-depth way it shows you how these lights and values are not enough. Industry has no other end or purpose than the satisfaction of the business man engaged in it. Nick Marlow, a British engineer, gets a job representing a firm in Milan and winds up entangled in bribery and espionage mostly because he’s stubborn and rather naive when it comes to politics.

The passage of time has brought an extra level of irony to the novel, which Ambler can’t have foreseen but surely wouldn’t have been surprised by. Some cover wear, may contain a few marks. Despite the consensus that The Mask of Dimitrios is “Ambler’s finest novel”, as the blurb on the back of the pulpy, now out-of-print Pan Classic Crime edition of 10 years ago put it, it is in some ways the least satisfactory of the prewar novels being reissued by Penguin. Assisted by Zaleshoff, he succeeds in making his escape from Milan.

He was eventually drafted into the army film unit, writing the script for The Way Aheaddirected by Carol Reed and starring David Niven.

He comes round convinced he is Conway Carruthers, secret agent, the thick-skulled, tough-knuckled hero of the book he’s just been reading, and charges off to eastern Europe to thwart the nuclear ambitions of a power-crazed countess. Returning to London, he was asked to compose a press release extolling the bogus virtues of a batch of dodgy bulbs for car headlights.

Contents somewhat toned, spine rolled, cloth rubbed and rather marked. I can’t quite agree with these as you have to remember that this book was published in Binding good, pages clean.


It would be interesting to know whether Chandler had read Ambler and this book in particular as he named his hero Marlowe. The phrase “Islamic extremism” wouldn’t have been in his vocabulary. Showing best matches Show all copies.

Dangerous games

It was also the year in which the League of Nations was at last seen plainly to be impotent. Un ritorno a casa di un amico fidato. It is a typical Ambler thriller: Retrieved from ” https: Colonel Haki, a Turkish government official rumoured ajbler be head of the secret police, shows the body to Charles Latimer, an English academic-turned-crime-writer wintering in Istanbul. The espionage stuff is pretty well done.

In Cause for Alarm, Nicholas Marlow loses his job on the day he proposes to his girlfriend. He may try to sidestep, but when, as always, he gets wet, he caue more concerned about his new hat than the ironies of fate.

Cause for Alarm

There are three page-long screeds against Big Business and in favour of changing human nature by changing the system people are raised in from one of exploitation to one of justice pp.

Not as erric as Alan Furst and yet, the action is good for young adult readers. The second half is an exciting The story in this novel falls in to halves. Reading him is like living in a great Hitchcock film for a few days. Eric Ambler is a talented writer and his words just flow off the page into what I found to be a real page-turner.