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Camillo Berneri was an Italian anarchist who fought and wrote about the Spanish Civil. War alongside the Spanish anarchists. He was murdered during the ‘May. Kropotkin: His Federalist Ideas — Camillo Berneri Nov 18, 22 pp. Marie Louise Berneri – A Tribute — Various Authors Nov 24, 57 pp. Camillo Berneri War and Revolution Writings on Spain – Translations published in ‘The Cienfuegos Press Anarchist Review’ Number 4,

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The Civil War in Spain being an international conflict, it is on international ground that we must pose ccamillo problem of revolutionary action in terms of war, it is at its weak points: Moreover the movie shows French people and in fact does not deal with Germans.

Beneath this apparent union, a deep split persisted.

Will Mussolini separate from Germany, abandoning the Fascist intervention in the affairs of Spain? Where, as in cwmillo Basque country, in the Levant and in Castille, our movement is not imposed by grass-roots strength, in other words by vast ranks of unionists and by the preponderant adherence of the masses, the befneri is oppressing people and threatens to crush everything. The rise of the proletariat would bring the inferior orders to the top. The work of selecting military, health and administrative personnel is very incompetent.

Adultery is not regarded as a crime unless it is liable to harm the purity of the race, which is to say, unless a German woman or man has sexual intercourse with blacks, yellows, Jews, etc. When the Fascist insurrection broke out, the Republic had succeeded in politically polarising all the progressive trade union organisations and parties solely because it appeared ca,illo of obvious reactionary infiltration, as the only line of defence behind which camilllo attack on conservative forces could be sustained.


Louis Bertoni, interpreting the sentiments expressed by various Italian comrades fighting on the Huesca Front, wrote not so long ago:. We must, above all, keep up the morale of the combatants. If these two nations enter the lists with all the forces that they have at their disposal, it is clear that only the intervention of Russia, France and Great Britain reunited could assure Spanish anti-fascism of victory in the war. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants.

A man, whatever he may be, does not bar the road to the masses when they are marching towards liberty and justice. Only 1 left in stock – order soon. But afterwards, one by one, they camilo asleep, and I am watchful over all of them, while working for those who are to come.

And yet, everything collapses, everything burns, a whole population is dying — without the masses being affected. In the same way the CNT does not make sufficient use of experts who could at present replace incompetent and suspect experts and tomorrow constitute the guiding cadres of libertarian communism. On the one hand, there is a tendency to dismiss classes in order to affirm national and racial unity, and on the other the superior race is accorded a caste supremacy.

This would be the intervention of the lions against the hyenas. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. The time which camilll elapsed between the neutrality of sabotage and help in dribs and drabs has allowed a guerrilla campaign which would rapidly bedneri dried up or ended in the victory of the proletarian militias to be transformed into a civil war which has all the horrors of a major war and which is a danger to the equilibrium in Europe. Worker sabotage in a financial services call centre.

Camillo Berneri | The Anarchist Library

The bad faith of Mussolini and Hitler appears with as much clarity as the over careful stupidity of Blum. With Peri, Cachin, Vaillant — Couturier and company protested. A platonic gesture on the part of the French Social Democrat and Stalinist leaders, bound up to the very end with the wet-blanket government and the human ostrich. This, while a political distribution of arms appears clearly, tending to arm only in strict necessity strict necessity, which we hope will appear adequate the Aragon Front, the armed guard of agrarian collectivisation in Aragon and buttress of Catalonia, that Iberian Ukraine.


We are assisting the new situation which could have disastrous consequences, a situation in which whole battalions are commanded by officers who do not enjoy the esteem and affection of the soldiers.

Camillo Berneri – Italian anarchist murdered during the Spanish Civil War by the Communist Party

It is a certainty that effectively compensates, as far as my natural friendship is concerned for the ideological peculiarities which you have often revealed in your articles in your very personal style and in your speeches of admirable eloquence. Numerous investigations have been mounted into the huge ethnic diversity among Jews, some of them hugely valuable scientifically speaking and we need not cite texts.

Race does not appear as an expression of a straightforward law, but rather camiolo the extremely complex outcome of a whole series of influences. It is no surprise to find that the Assyrian conquerors scattered their Jewish captives by the hundreds of thousands through the Tigris and Euphrates valleys, the mountains of Armenia and the Caucasus.

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