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The Hidden Secret of Ayurveda [Robert E. Svoboda] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. THE HIDDEN SECRET OF AYURVEDA is an. Dr. Robert Svoboda. 14K likes. This is the official Facebook page for Dr. Robert Svoboda. Dr. Robert E. Svoboda is an American author and ayurvedic doctor who gives lectures and courses around the world, related to the subjects of ayurveda, jyotish.

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So what do you think and what does Ayurveda prescribe on how to keep the balance between Atma Gyan and a healthy ahamkara? That is not so easy, and most people in evoboda West have no clue, that that is necessary, because they have no clue of what that means. So often what happens is people start to purify the elements and they start to feel that they are becoming free from the limitations of the material world and then they get very orbert and proceed directly in that direction and then their bodies fall apart.

I mean can you practice Tantra to get well or to balance your Doshas?

Interview with Dr. Robert E. Svoboda

My preferences are slightly in this direction. But I saw there are a lot of people who have been using it for many years, and they feel well. You see the sun, but the sun is not fire. And it describes exactly. So we can see in general that the knowledge is moving from the East to the West. At the same time in India most people have lost interest in this traditional knowledge. Are you bowing down to Jesus? Finding a person like this is extremely very difficult.

Many of the shamans in South America do nothing all day long except protect themselves from other shamans or attack other shamans, what is the benefit there? Or is it not your dharma? But it has to be a personalized thing, because the real soma you and I — as human beings, we are not going to locate. It is described in Subramuniyaswami book that there is a Shaiva school which is making these Rasayanas and this is their main sadhana — to prepare Rasayana and to use them for spiritual purposes.


In this process while you are replacing your personality with that personality, your personality may be resistant and it may say: That certainly Vimalananda would do it periodically. Claudia Welch gave lections. And many of them I liked quite bit. And in our position – we have opportunity to combine this knowledge.

What effect would this purification have on the Prana and on the Doshas? Different people have different things that they use. So the Ganesh festival is starting on Monday and will go for ten days, and there will be a full moon.

She has also a few questions. It was good; I mean She is a blood drinking Goddess after all.

What would be the correct method of doing that? Then you are never unclear. What has led to where we are now is fire, and where is the fire focused in the body? What do you think about it? And some people even compare the Aghora series to the Castaneda books but in an Indian background. What matters is is what they said that something feels true, not only here, but down here. And for that matter the people that he learnt from, did they add anything from some other traditions possibly? Just because you have a teacher it does not mean that you can take everything that the teacher does, without using your discernment, your viveka, your buddhi.

If it was easy, it would all have been figured out a long time ago.

I mean the Manipura. Svoboda before ritual initiation into the Pokot tribe of Kenya. After being ritually initiated into the Pokot tribe of northern Kenya as its first white member in June he moved to India, where he lived from andreceiving his Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery Ayurvedacharya from the University of Poona in I asked some very high Shaiva Guru in Karnataka, one of the Head of Lingayat or Virashava sampradaya, who has a big ashram in Varanasi also.


Interview with Dr. Robert E. Svoboda | Drupal

And this technique which is very helpful, I believe is very helpful for spiritual growth, comes from the Western psychotherapists. What is your opinion about it? And has to posses an individual ayurvedz that individual can actually act as a vehicle for healing energy to move into the world.

But we should start from curing ahamkara.

And also there are Western people who have deep interest in dharma and spiritual knowledge. People used to ask Vimalananda: You talked about the ahamkara diseases. Rober you focusing on the icons? And he is very interested in prana, and he is not interested in trying to show off, at least not any more. What does Krishna say? I have studied in the Michael Newton method, do you know about it?

So they are not going to let you find them.

And I think it is a very fine thing, except that of course like anything else it can be misused. Your Ayurvedic Constitution and the Aghora series, which discusses his experiences with his mentor during the years — It is good to practice Ayurveda, it is good to worship the Gods and Goddesses, it is good to do bhajans.

And personally I am very fond of ayawaska, me personally.