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Elias Canetti · Paperback Auto Da Fé is the story of Peter Kien, a distinguished, reclusive sinologist living in Germany between the wars. Auto-da-Fé, novel by Elias Canetti, published in in German as Die Blendung (“The Deception”). It was also published in English as The Tower of Babel. Complete summary of Elias Canetti’s Auto-da-Fé. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of Auto-da-Fé.

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Canetti suggests that these solutions won’t get us very far. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Su lenguaje abarca varios puntos cardinales: Georges tries in vain to cure him, perhaps reflective of the author’s antagonistic stance toward Freudian psychoanalysis. He was born in in Ruschuk, Bulgaria, into a merchant clan of Sephardic Jews originally from Spain, and retaining from it a four-hundred-year-old cultural memory.

Originally Cannetti set out to write a “Comedie Humaine an Irren” with this being the first installment, ala Balzac but about insane people he lived across the street from Vienna’s largest insane asylum ato the vanetti he wrote this book.

As much as he loves his books, he detests other people. You may find it helpful to search within the site to see how similar or related subjects canegti covered.


An arresting read from start to finish which gloriously ended up in flames. He had never seen one naked.

Virtue is nothing but misinterpreted vileness. This is accomplished smoothly. View all 7 comments. Jonathan Spence observes that “there is nothing discreet, chaste, or high minded about the finest and wildest of all fictions that centre on a student of China, Canetti’s Auto-da-fe.

Life seeping in cabetti out? It is Canetti’s first publication. Year End Review 3: Ho chiarissimo il ricordo della sensazione di scoperta, di avventura, di godimento prolungato.

Canetti and Power

The novel reveals a man who goes mad from his love of books, which also leads to his death. Nobody can get over it. Her husband could not believe that nothing else had occurred.

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‘Auto da Fé’ by Elias Canetti | Intermittencies of the Mind

The sad message is that the different mindsets would all be able to coexist harmoniously if human beings could just be tolerant enough to leave each other in peace with their respective personal obsessions. How bookworm of a bookworm?

She wants sex and cabetti he wants silence and books. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Kien is grateful to her and admires such staunch enforcement of the rules surrounding his library. Thus begins Kien’s steep psychological decline. I find it difficult to understand it as authorial intent.


He sees the crucial area both of power and of freedom in the private life, the area which Hobbesian authority exists to encourage and protect. Across the Atlantic the Hemingways and Mailers positively seethe with anxiety about their status and reputations.

Auto-da-Fé by Elias Canetti | Time’s Flow Stemmed

I have always regretted that Canetti wrote only the single novel. Numberless made within the ordinary mayhem of a day. He smiled at the mere idea that any harm could come to him here. The best definition of a home was a library.

Auto-da-Fé by Elias Canetti

I should bring some of those read books somewhere else. German literature, German literature comprises the written works of the German-speaking peoples of central Europe. These may be the words of an old fool living in a modern time and ignorant of the world of A pleasing light rises from it, tree-tops with the wind passing over leias.