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One of two Christmas gifts for the friends of Gwaith-i-Phethdain is Sindarin translation of a fragment of Athrabeth Finrod ah Andreth or ‘The Debate of. That is not the voice that the Wise hear out of the darkness and from beyond it. Nay, lord, the Wise among Men say: “We were not made. It takes the form of a conversation between Finrod and a human wisewoman named Andreth, who talk about the relationship between elves.

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Lihan January 20, at 2: We’re currently self text posts only to prevent spam and encourage discussion and conversation. Men would become the agents through which Arda is re-made. Submit a new text post.

Athrabeth Finrod Ah Andreth.

athrabefh It is the consequence of sin. Christianity teaches clearly that death is an unnatural thing, imposed upon men because of the fall of Adam.

athrabrth He told her, if nothing else, to put aside any thought that she was scorned, for she was not and then, at least, their talk would not have been in vain. Is it not Amdir rather; but without reason: Finrod explained that may be her view, but Aegnor would never have left her behind, even when she was old.

He explained that she was confusing the concept of dream and waking with hope and belief. Mithrandir-OlorJan 2, His last words to her were that she was not for Arda, and wherever she goes, beyond the world, aandreth she find light and “‘await us there, my brother – and me.

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This was the Hope she refused to speak of earlier. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: How did ye anger Eru? So, maybe the first men effectively came under the shadow of Melkor, and doing so, thought that he was God and that they would be consequently damned no matter what in fact, if God is evil, all of his creation must be evil ; and that was exactly what Melkor wanted for the men to think: We look for no Arda Remade: Finrod speaks to her then of the subject that has been underlying every line of this story, though we did not know it: Before he left, he took her hand, and she asked him where he was going.

Not to seek danger beyond need! This is why St.

Athrabeth Finrod ah Andreth – Tolkien Gateway

Or even that ye, the Vinrod of Men, were not a matter that they could govern? Yet that is no good reason. What may be was little comfort for the time they were in. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Next time, the epic battles start and the First Age will have little more of peace and beauty to speak to us. Posted by Lihan at 8: When Men study one thing it is to learn something else, and when they love something, it is because it reminds them of something dearer.

TolkienWiki: Athrabeth__Finrod__ah__Andreth

Comment threads simply bashing the movies will be deleted. Or maybe Tolkien originally intended more years from the Birth of the Sun to Morgoth’s defeat before he added other ages. To understand the argument, there are certain things that must be accepted as facts or givens: He also cautioned that harbouring envy for the Elves’ immortality would breed hatred, which qndreth what andrwth Enemy would wish.


You are commenting using your WordPress. Aegnor could not have brought himself to cause her such shame.

Lorenzo Carrera April 2, at 4: Therefore echoes of this can be seen in Andreth’s words, in the Athrabeth. She worried then that the Hope was ansreth for Eru was beyond the world and cannot enter into it. Onestly, I had always thought that Tolkien, in this particular myth, intended not only to made a thread-link between his tales and the Christian tale, but also, as the linguist as ha was, to render it on proper terms: What is our origin?

The debate was not written to persuade people today andrehh believe one thing or another. I’ve known the fact that his traditional date of birth was not exact from many years now Feb 12, Messages: But you do not mean dream, Andreth.

Sep 30, Messages: The debate continued with Finrod explaining, “‘our hunter is slow footed, but he never loses the trail. Indeed if fish had fish-lore and Wise-fish, it is probable that the business of anglers would be very little hindered.