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AsciiDoc with Dart support. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets. Asciidoc package including dblatex dependencies. You have searched for packages that names contain asciidoc-dblatex in all suites, all sections, and all architectures. Found 1 matching packages.

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Right-click on the image and select the Picture… menu item. Alternatively you can set the configuration entries from within your document, the above examples are equivalent to: How can I stop the document title being displayed? How can a replacement have a trailing backslash?

Asciidoc package including dblatex dependencies

Internally the include1 macro is translated to the include1 system attribute which means it must be evaluated in a region where attribute substitution is enabled. Alternative, if the dblatsx are contiguous, you could use the literal paragraph style: By default only specialcharacters and callouts are substituted in listing blocks; you can add quotes substitutions by explicitly setting the block subs attribute, for example: These drivers are also used by a2x 1.

First put the definition in a configuration file: If your outputs are DocBook generated then adding the following inline macro to a custom configuration asciidco will result in auto-incrementing bibliography entry numbers instead of displaying the bibliographic identifiers: Most AsciiDoc inline elements can be suppressed by preceding them with a backslash character.


In this case the solution is to use monospace quoting instead of the inline literal: Finally, the most powerful technique is to create custom CSS containing paged media properties. The dbpatex that follow are executed from the distribution documentation.

The images imported from an HTML file will be linked, if your document contains images you should convert them to embedded images:.

New FAQs are appended to the bottom of this document. How can I escape a list?

Alternatively, if you are generating PDF files, you can use line breaks. For example, a paragraph is illegal in a bibliography. This file is not used directly but is included in all the following drivers. Two colons or semicolons in a paragraph may be confused with a labeled bdlatex entry.

The –resource option allows you to inject any file not just font files into the Asciiidoc output document. A line of four or more dashes will be mistaken for the ListingBlock terminator, one way round this problem is to use a LiteralBlock styled as a listing block.

How can I disable special section titles?

AsciiDoc Frequently Asked Questions

This technique can be applied to any block element attribute just beware of possible ambiguity, for example, table and image blocks both have a width attribute. How do you handle spaces in included file names?


You can set them globally in the AsciiDoc. Define an indented paragraph style, for example, by putting this in a custom configuration file: How do I number all paragraphs?

Example bar chart from Pychart documentation http: Most likely the passthrough encloses another passthrough with a higher precedence. You can use the unbreakable option to instruct the browser not to break a block element.

Ubuntu – Details of package asciidoc-dblatex in disco

Mixing doubled-quoted text with inline literal passthroughs can produce undesired results, for example, all of the following line is interpreted as an inline literal passthrough: Alternatively you can set the configuration entries from within your document, the above examples are equivalent to:. AsciiDoc source files are human readable plain text files which is what the. How do I include spaces in URLs?