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stabilità, salvo episodi di nubi e nevischio sulle Dolomiti domenica e mercoledì, vento forte in montagna specie a inizio e fine periodo, diradamento delle nebbie. ARPA DOLOMITI. Meteo Veneto Forecasts meteo and situation of the time regional edited by harp Venetian: for the one who desires to know that a long time. What do people find to be the best weather forecast websites for the area? ARPA met office is based in Arabba, right in the middle of the Dolomites. Cookies are small text files that can be used by websites to make a.

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The median of the errors was equal to 0. The runoff contributing to debris flow is the part of runoff hydrograph where the runoff discharge is larger than the triggering discharge see also Gregoretti et al. Sources of debris flow material in burned areas.

About deposition, the large deposits at the confluence were not satisfactory reproduced due to missed local bed reproduction of the terrain in the pre-event DEM. The comparison between the simulation results with the deposition-erosion depth map dolomitu for the reliability of the phenomenon reconstruction, that is the capturing of its main features.

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The in general satisfactory and reliable reproduction of the occurred phenomenon provides a confirm of the methodology here followed for simulating a runoff generated rile flow when information on the triggering site are scarce: Two dimensional simulations of debris flows over mobile beds: Images c,d are the corresponding of a,b for the reaches IV-V respectively.

At this purpose, the capability of the routing model to adequately simulate the entrainment process has a crucial role because the solid-liquid discharge peak and the transported sediments volume mainly depend on it.

These results were used for identifying the watersheds where modeling runoff and solid-liquid hydrographs as well the debris flow routing. Gis-based cell model for simulating debris flow runout fioe a fan.



This debris flow routed downstream the confluence, flooding the parking of a resort area where three people died, and reached the village downstream damaging some buildings. Flow discharges and the rate of change bed elevation are computed for each cell by Equations 4—7 and used in Equation 2 to provide the flow depth. The peak solid-liquid discharge, Q Pis computed following the relationship provided by Lanzoni et al.

It resulted a nearly good agreement with average differences of meto 0. For the reach V, the agreement is not so satisfactory both for the volumes and the areas. In particular both the simulated and estimated deposition and erosion depths are shown in two groups of reaches, I—III and IV—V respectively, allowing a more detailed analysis together with a table the values of the simulated and estimated sediment volumes, that were eroded and deposited for each reach.

Top right insert shows the debris material covering the Vallon d’Antermoia rocky surface at the base of the collapsed cliff flight of 1 July The comparison between the simulated and estimated deposition-erosion pattern resulted satisfactory. The debris flow of August started, in fact, on the opposite side because of the presence of very large debris deposits at the base of northeastern cliffs of Mount Antelao after a rock collapse occurred on November The Supplementary Material for this article can fle found online at: An integrated study to evaluate debris flow hazard in alpine environment.

If there are fronts moving around then their forecasts are pretty accurate e.

Erosion and deposition are computed along the steepest direction, where the maximum value V max of the mean velocities contributing to the discharges Q k is attained. Along its route, downstream the drop, Ru Beche and Ru Salvela Creeks join it on the right and left side Figure 3a respectively. Finally the phenomenon was modeled from rainfall-runoff transformation to deposition-erosion processes with satisfactory results: In cross-section F the behavior is analogous but for the absence of the initial moderate peak of solid discharge, reasonably due to an upstream deposition.


Summary weather bulletin for Dolomites

We adopted a triangular shape of the solid-liquid hydrograph with an abrupt raise to peak and a less rapid decreasing because downstream the triggering area, the debris flow surge tends to assume such a shape. Section 5 discusses the results and, finally, section 6 reports the conclusions.

The stoppage of the front imposed the deposition of the solid part of the current flowing behind it, that extended both in depth and upstream up to minteresting all the creek cross-section and only the liquid part flowed downstream. Direct measurement of channel erosion by debris flows, illgraben, switzerland. In summer, it’s often much more difficult for them to get doloimti right as very often they’re trying to forecast thunderstorms caused by instability and they’re just dealing with probabilities as a percentage.

The effect of visual information on preference stability. Land Use Policy 59, — The in general satisfactory reproduction of the phenomenon by models proved the reliability of both the used methodology and single models. Both the historical basins where debris flows formed until ’50s and the new one of Ru Salvela metep debris flow dominated according to the geomorphic indexes: Models, in fact, can play a crucial role in hazard assessment and in risk analysis, and, only the use of models satisfactorily tested against field data can provide reliable results.

At the confluence with Ru Secco Creek, the well formed debris flow was supplied with the stream flow descending along Ru Secco Creek and the solid-liquid contribution from the debris flow triggered along the Ru Beche.