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Book Name: Aroj Ali Matubbar Rachanasamagra Book Writer: Aroj Ali Matubbar Book Language: Bengali Book Format: Portable Document File (pdf). Aroj Ali Matubbar: Rationalist Philosopher of Rural Bangladesh .. But the courageous folk writers did translate the works of Islamic theological books in Bangla. [1] His original name was Aroj Ali, and he only acquired the name ‘Matubbar’ ( meaning ‘local landlord’) later. He was born to a poor farming family. He studied for.

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bookks Will not snatch way my little things. For example, he questioned Islamic law of inheritance, as he failed to reconcile the suggested mode of sharing of inherited property. Take the classic example of ether, an entity conceived by 18 th century physicists as a vehicle of propagation of light.

Mazharul Islam, head of Bangla Department of Rajshahi University, was the first Director General of the institute, on 19 Septembera new 8-storied building, containing a capacity auditorium and a capacity seminar room, opened next to the main building. Describing various but funny stories from various religions he gave the modern and scientific theories of the sun. Bagindriya na Sambhabe ]. Whether man is the special creation of God, we would consider later, but let us discuss if the earth is at the centre of the universe or not, and whether it is largest lump-matter in the universe.

Continuing to use this site, you agree with this. To commemorate the Language movement and the Language martyrs day, the Academy organises the month-long Ekushey Book Fair, the largest book fair in the country. But Matubbar had a wonderful scientific mind, and he was also a pragmatic man.

Muslim, the word for an adherent of Islam, is the active participle of the verb form. Persevering as he was, he kept on reading more and more. They tried to survive money borrowing from the village moneylenders. I found mankind is the son of the same mother. These are a Who am I self? Theologically speaking, it is a doctrine that God is unknown and unknowable.


RationalismPhilosophy essays. Due to financial constraints, Matubbar could not pursue any academic course or attain a formal institutional degree. Worship Man, look into Quaran- you will see these Through out its pages. Inthe English East India Company established a settlement at Surat, and it was followed in by a permanent factory at Machilipatnam on the Coromandel Coast, and in the company joined other already established European trading companies in Bengal.

Here I remember a story. Religion has only two weapons- blessings and curses. Following the election success of the Front, the education minister Syed Azizul Haque placed the order to fulfill this promise, inthe government formed a committee to expedite the process.

Aroj Ali Matubbor (Author of আরজ আলী মাতুব্বর রচনাসমগ্র ১)

The whole night the sun seating under the arash prays to the almighty Allah and then arrives at the eastern sky in the boiks. On the other hand Brahmanism took its shape in Ayrabarta or land of Aryansthe northern India. With death all ends. Views Read Edit View history. With the rise of Christianity, the way of life was adopted by its theology. It says ” In the world two kinds of people were created DwouBhutaSargau Lokahsmina Daiba Asura ebacha ; Signs of Devatas are non-violence, truth, non-anger, kindness, forgiveness etc.

In classical sense, rationalism could be defined in any of the following ways: It took long twenty years to publish the book.

The literacy rate among the people of Barisal is He donated his eyes for transplantation after his death. Our rural society was basically an agricultural based and village centred society. Dhisan before Gautam Budha developed the Nastikata or atheism, as a philosophy. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. However he did not accept the rigid methods of learning there, and left it.


An important meaning of the word is the act of reciting, as reflected in an early Quranic passage, It is for Us to collect it, in other verses, the word refers to an individual passage recited.

Aroj Ali Matubbar

Rationalistself-taught philosopher and apostateand writer. The people of Eastern India were referred to as ‘Asuras’ in post Vedic literature, particularly in Puranas. As Aroj Ali expanded his knowledge he started propagating his ideas of his understandings of his religion, philosophy, knowledge and truth and on many aspects of social problems.

In rural Bengal we find two groups of humanist- one group challenges the religious supreme authority and upheld the materialistic tradition i. God is such an entity whose existence cannot be proved from the material frame of reference. Proposition II, dealing with God containing as many as 11 questions.

Therefore he embarked upon a programme of self-teaching, borrowing books from libraries and from individuals. Is Life incorporeal or corporal?

Will not push me out saying. Seejer phool flowers of Seez [collection of few poems dealing with ethics]. If he were not follower of humanism and rationalism he could not had done so. Without knowing the periphery of the space it is impossible to know its centre.

The importance of establishing an organisation for Bengali language was first emphasised by the linguist Muhammad Shahidullah, later, following the Language movement, on 27 Aprilthe All Party National Language Committee decided to demand establishment of an organisation for the promotion of Bengali language.

A kindhearted man helped him finish the Bengali Primers.