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Hahnemannian. Oct-Dec;85(4) The treatment of anemia; antianemic drugs. GOLDSMITH MA. PMID: ; [Indexed for MEDLINE]. Probl Gematol Pereliv Krovi. Apr;4(4) [New anti-anemic drugs in the treatment of hypochromic anemias of various etiologies]. [Article in Russian]. anti-anemia drug, ChEBI. anti-anemia drugs, ChEBI. anti-anemic agent, ChEBI. anti-anemic agents, ChEBI. anti-anemic drug, ChEBI.

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List of Anemia Medications (53 Compared) –

Epoetin alpha should not be given to patients with severe, uncontrolled hypertension. Please try again later.

We comply with the HONcode standard for trustworthy health information – verify here. It is poorly absorbed if taken orally, and may actually increase iron absorption if given orally.

Keep Exploring Britannica Automobile. Folic acid deficiency is also known as Will’s disease. Unfortunately, our editorial approach may not aantianemic able to accommodate all contributions. Iron overdose can be treated by gastric lavage with a phosphate solution and deferoxamine iron chelator.

Patients who have trouble absorbing folic acid may require higher doses.

Although this condition is usually reversible by discontinuing the drug, if it is left undetected and untreated, it may lead to life-threatening liver failure or bleeding.

Computer science, the study of computers, including their design architecture and their uses for computations,…. Anabolic steroids may cause changes in blood lipids, leading to atherosclerosis with greatly increased risk of heart attack. However there may be historical, cultural or anecdotal evidence linking their use to the treatment of Anemia. Bifunctional adenosylcobalamin biosynthesis protein CobU.

There was a problem with your submission. More About Antianemic drug 1 reference found in Britannica articles Assorted References drugs and drug action In drug: This material is provided for educational purposes only and is not intended for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.


Cob I yrinic acid a,c-diamide adenosyltransferase, mitochondrial. Hemolytic anemia is caused by the increased breakdown of red blood cells.

Previous studies had shown that the use of antianemia drugs by cancer patients can accelerate tumor growth and decrease survival time.

DB Cyanocobalamin For treatment of pernicious anemia due to lack of or inhibition of intrinsic factor and for prevention and treatment of vitamin B 12 deficiency [L], [L].

All anabolic steroids are considered to be drugs of abuse under United States federal law. C Animal reproduction studies have shown an adverse effect on the fetus and there are no adequate and well-controlled studies in humans, but potential benefits may warrant use in pregnant women despite potential risks.

A large number of additional adverse effects have been reported.

Medications for Anemia

Regular monitoring is essential. Given by deep i. The frequency and severity of the side effects increases with the dose of iron. Patients with documented iron deficiency in whom oral administration is unsatisfactory or impossible e. Anemia is a lower than normal number druggs red blood cells erythrocytes in the blood, usually measured by a decrease in the amount of hemoglobin.

[New anti-anemic drugs in the treatment of hypochromic anemias of various etiologies].

Help us improve this article! Merck Manual of Medical Information: Hydroxocobalamine should only be antlanemic into muscle. If the two drugs must be used together, phenytoin blood levels should be monitored, and the dose may have to be increased. The mature human red blood cell is small, round, and biconcave; it appears dumbbell-shaped druvs profile.

Vit B12 deficiency in elderly patients due to abnormal absorption of dietary Vit B12 is relatively common and easily treated.

Iron sucrose is elemental iron as an injection. Harvard Health Guide 1 related article.


Iron-chelator complexes are excreted in the urine, often turning the urine an orange-red color. Nutritional deficiency, antianeic amounts of some of the vitamins and minerals that are needed for hemoglobin production, may also cause anemia.

Other conditions in which epoetin alpha should be used only when the benefits clearly outweigh the risks are as follows:.

However, in some cases, patients have difficulty absorbing folic acid or in converting it from the form found in foods to the form that is active in blood formation. Iron supplements should not be used with magnesium trisilicate, an antacid, or with penicillamine, which is used for some types of arthritis. Trimethoprim an antibacterial and methotrexate originally an anti-cancer drug, which is also used for arthritis and psoriasis act by reducing the metabolism of folic acid. Taking iron with vitamin C antianwmic the absorption of iron, with no increase in side effects.

A reduced form of folic acid known as citrovorum factor or leucovorin is given to replenish endogenous folic acid in patients on methotrexate which inhibits dihydrofolate reductase. DB Iron Used in preventing and treating iron-deficiency anemia. Lack of B 12 causes pernicious anemia, a type of anemia which is marked by a low red cell count and lack of hemoglobin. More severe blood loss may require transfusions of red blood cells.

Hemochromatosis — A disorder of iron metabolism characterized by excessive absorption of iron from food. Anabolic steroids should not be used in combination with anticoagulants such as warfarin.