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Introduction to Amphibious Embarkation (MCI ). Correspondence Procedures (MCI K). Marine Corps Publications and Directives System (MCI B). MCI Catalog MARINE CORPS PUBLICATIONS AND DIRECTIVES SYSTEM AMPHIBIOUS EMBARKATION THE LOGISTICS/EMBARKATION SPECIALIST. MCIWESTO W CEll. (1) (55) MCIWEST-MCB CAMPENO i. Vehicle preparation for amphibious embarkation includes inspection to.

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The collection and requirements section, under supervision of the intelligence operations officer, will develop the collection plan based on the intelligence requirements of the ATF. Maintain an inspection log to track the number of vehicles and to insure a double check for the tagged vehicles.

Inspect each vehicle thoroughly to ensure that all soil is removed, using a flashlight, screwdriver, or putty knife where necessary. Matching the strategic TPFDD flow to the theater s reception, staging, and onward movement capability and capacity should prevent port saturation and backlogs that slow the buildup of mission capability.

Any other ship augments. Combat amphibiouw that involve waterborne movement, such as inland-water, ferrying, and shore-to-shore operations in which LF’s are not embarked embarktion naval ships possess certain characteristics and employ some of the techniques of amphibious operations.

The deployed MAGTF command element coordinates required support with in-country contacts or liaison agencies. Change the PCN “”. Supporting equipment may include the following: Dual roles are used to take advantage of refueling air missions to move cargo akphibious equipment with the refueling mission.

The first data plate amphibius the manufacturer s contract date, number, and serial number.

Since that time the Slovak. Identify, in advance, all cargo that is to be mobile loaded. The general sequence of events in the amphibious operation can be broken down into five major phases — planning, embarkation, rehearsal, movement, and assault.

Full text of “Introduction to amphibious operations”

Units should conduct an embarkation inspection of subordinate units on a regularly scheduled basis. Beyond this support, certain information collection assets of various national agencies are available to the ATF. Flatbed Trailer with Quadruple Containers.


This publication provides uniformity across the Marine Corps for integration into standing operating procedures. Maritime Prepositioning Ships Squadron Maritime prepositioning ships are specially configured and assigned to maritime prepositioning ships squadrons MPSRONs to transport nearly everything Marines need for initial military operations from tanks and ammunition to food, fuel, spare parts, and engine oil.

3111 MCO D. 2. MOS 0411, Maintenance Management Specialist (MGySgt to Pvt) PMOS

Provide Fleet Marine Forces of combined arms, together with supporting air components for service with the Fleet in the seizure or defense of advanced naval bases and for the conduct of such land operations as may be essential to the prosecution of a naval campaign. Embarkatin size of the AOA is largely based on the requirements for airspace. Under the supervision of the CBP, the military customs inspector conducts customs and agriculture inspections on personnel and material leaving the overseas theater.

If length and width are entered, embarkatioj system will calculate the square feet. The Marine Corps shall have primary interest in the development of those landing force doctrines, tactics, embbarkation, and equipment which are of common interest to the Army and the Marine Corps.

Unit Embarkation Handbook

It is of embwrkation importance that the TIC receive timely embbarkation accurate target intelligence from the analysis center. The CLF provides initial planning guidance as soon as possible after receiving his initiating directive.

The following factors should be considered when formulating a planning schedule: Maintaining liaison with the Marine expeditionary force MEF strategic mobility office, adjacent MSCs, subordinate organizations, and external deployment support agencies. Upon successful completion of all courses, a program diploma is forwarded to iii your commanding officer who presents it to you at an appropriate ceremony. Signal security as prescribed in reference. When it is not feasible to use an automated load planning system, units will prepare and submit manual load plans using the appropriate DD Form series forms, Aircraft Load Plans.

Comprehensive Washdown This level of embbarkation is accomplished for vehicles, equipment, and supplies exposed to contamination during sustained operations ashore.

To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. Time-Phased Force and Deployment Data Development and Execution Process Time-phased force and deployment data development begins with mission analysis and determining force structure to satisfy mission requirements.


While on the beach he works directly for the shore party commander. The recipients orders and requests should be prioritized so that the most critical needs are dictated and understood. If keys cannot be found, provisions should be made to cut the locks. The initial lack of physical contact with the enemy, the necessity of building up combat power ashore after the landing from an initial zero to the full coordinated striking power required to ensure success, and the complete reliance of the LF on logistic resupply necessitate infinite detail in the plans for an amphibious operation.

The embarkation element when formed is the next subordinate echelon below the unit level and consists of two or more teams. Vehicles and equipment should be staged at the loading site no later than 24 hours before the desired pickup time. Each organization has amphibious squadrons PHIBRONS composed of five to eight ships and commanded by a Navy captain with a staff of about 10 officers and 20 enlisted men. Maritime Prepositioning Force Background The MPF remains one of the Marine Corps premier deployment options available to support amphibious and expeditionary operations.

To ensure planning is completed in the time allowed c. The movement group is organized to accomplish one thing — movement to the OA.

The second is to conduct special warfare in maritime areas, restricted water, river deltas, rivers, and lakes. Transports with assault troops should approach the transport area off the beach under cover of darkness, followed by a landing during the early morning so as to permit maximum use of all weapons and to afford the landing force LF ample daylight to secure a beachhead.