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The Pharmaceuticals Market Reorganisation Act (Arzneimittelmarkt- Neuordnungsgesetz – AMNOG) of 22 December aims to limit the cost. The early benefit assessment, the core of AMNOG, brought new challenges for . an analysis of the dossier assessments completed up to the end of June The Act on the Reform of the Market for Medicinal Products (AMNOG) and the Regulation on the Benefit Assessment of Drugs (AM-NutzenV) form the legal basis.

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Certainty of conclusion on additional benefit The quality of the studies and data included in the Benefit Dossier needs to be described.

During these 12 months, the manufacturer can set the price for the product. This came as no surprise to Kowa, as statins have been reference priced since in Germany.

Product price, as a discount on the sales price set by the manufacturer, has to be negotiated within 6 aknog. For example, physiotherapy was selected as the comparator for the multiple sclerosis drug fampridine [ 7 ] despite a lack of evidence from clinical trials that physiotherapy offers a statistically significant benefit.

AMNOG – evaluation of new pharmaceutical – GKV-Spitzenverband

Journal of the American College of Cardiology 52— The refund rate for such medicinal products may not be higher than the cost of the expedient comparative group with which the new medicinal product was compared. Open in a separate window.

These are, firstly, organisational questions, such as anmog venue of the negotiations or the intervals at which they are held. At federal level, the negotiated refund amog may be followed by selective contracts between individual health insurance funds or their associations, and the pharmaceutical companies. In seven EBAs boceprevir, cabazitaxel, eribulin, ipilimumab, telaprevir, ticagrelor and vemurafenibpositive effects on patient-relevant endpoints and negative effects from side effects were considered by IQWiG to balance each other out.


The comparative measure is the relative risk for an undesirable outcome between the new treatment and the comparator. In six benefit decisions by G-BA a time limit was imposed. European public assessment reports.

Who benefits from the refund rate negotiations? When there 202 only one study, this will not automatically lead to a downgrading of the certainty level if the study has high quality, a large sample size, and a robust estimate for the treatment effect.

This actual sales price includes statutory and voluntary discounts.

Access Health Policy 46 On the basis of the dossier, the Federal Joint Committee examines the additional benefit of the new medicinal product as described by the pharmaceutical company.

Process of early benefit assessment at amnkg G-BA. Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care concluded no additional benefit, whereas G-BA concluded there was a significant additional benefit. The law was enforced with the political goal of saving the sick funds 2. First, regulatory approvals for conditions with unmet medical needs may be based solely on single arm studies.

The fixed rate is a maximum refund up to which the statutory health funds assume the costs of specific medicinal products prescribed by physicians. British Medical Journal Indications or notes by themselves are therefore fundamentally unsuited xmnog prove a therapeutic improvement. When it comes to approval, however, only effectiveness, quality and safety are examined and the market launch is regulated by weighing up benefits and risks. Redefining a composite endpoint after the study was completed is problematic from a manufacturer’s perspective.


AMNOG One Year On: How Will German Health Reform Impact Pharma Market Access in 2012?

For the first time, the AMNOG seriously tackles the price monopoly of the pharmaceutical industry in Germany with this central arrangement. The starting point here is the proven additional benefit in comparison to the expedient comparative therapy.

What is meant by expedient comparative therapy, and why is it important? All EBAs commenced prior to June were included. Until the AMNOG ajnog has been completed, the price set by the pharmaceutical company itself applies to the new pharmaceutical for one year. Disagreement regarding the ACT was one of the major reasons for a no additional benefit conclusion by G-BA, either for the EBA as a whole or for specific subgroups within the dossier. Additional discussions on the use of formal criteria to check clinical relevance in randomized clinical trials as part of a benefit assessment strategy is given by Vach and Gladstone