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# – 06/20/08 AM Al DiMeola transcription. johann Offline Member Registered: 06/16/ Posts: 5. Loc: mexico, NL. Can’t find the rest of the. As recorded by Al Di Meola (w/Paco de LucĂ­a). (From the Album ELEGANT GYPSY). Transcribed by Patricio Espigares. Music by Al Di Meola. A Intro. Transcript of an Interview from Jackie’s Groove. Interviewer: Jackie Bertone. Interviewee: Al Di meola. Al-Di-Meola. Note: {I.A} means In Audible / Hard to.

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Well it pushes you to greater heights, no doubt about it. Do you think that also has affected it?

You name some stuff. So, how come your band are mainly European? It sounds like it was total focus.

Number three, get a good teacher. In the transcritpions, as a child, you know, before ten years old, somewhere between eight and ten, that whole new sound, that was quite revolutionary and very impressive to a whole generation of people including musicians and, or budding musicians, or musicians to be, a lot of dk took up music, guitar, because of them and if, you know, we really did follow their evolution through the years, so right up and through high school, you know, we all anticipated like the rest of the world their next record and the development that took place, the records like Magical Mystery Tour, Sergeant Pepper, the White Album, Abbey Road were remarkable then as they still remain today.

It was far bigger and better than they thought and that, getting back to Germany, is what really catapulted because what that did was it opened up this giant door for me to do whatever I wanted to do, especially acoustically, because that, even in my early 20s, which was when that happened, I saw the future.


They have to first, more importantly than anything in the whole world is rhythm. I recall that you used the SynthAxe at one point, I remember you using one in albums. Hal Leonard Artist Transcriptions. What was your favourite tune that you played from the Return to Forever? So it was an interesting period because guys like myself and Metheney were so kind of knocked out with the sounds that the, you know, the sounds that the sample set down as well, you could take a sample sound and play it on a guitar, but then we were almost, and I see we because he was doing a lot of the same thing, we almost forgot about the sound of the guitar, you know, and that was not a good thing, that was a real bad thing because people, no matter how cool the sounds were, they want to hear the guitar.

I feel as though, wow! Book and Online Audio. He actually wrote me letters, I mean long letters of his admiration of me and I think I got two or three of them which even then it was a period in time when I would never write a letter, you know?

Guitar Composed by Al Di Meola Six-String Heroes Guitar Book. Well the first time I picked one up which was when I was probably like eight years old, seven or eight. Sheet Music Single, Tablature.

And you know what? My list goes on.

Al di Meola full transcript

Not so sure if he got it, who I was, or if he even knows. Unfortunately the timing that, you know, unfortunately he passed away after a stroke. Hal Leonard Transcribed Scores. So how are they going to remember something that has 5, notes in it transcriptionw one song? What are you most comfortable doing?

And how can they? Was it difficult when you first started to actually take the jump off point when you knew that you were going to do something that was maybe a little bit more radical compared to the versions that are more faithful, if that makes sense, was it difficult to leave the first time? Friends of my sister had meols over a a Fender guitar and a Fender amp and I remember picking it up and, you know, just placing my hands on the strings and making a sound was enough to get the wheels turning and fired up my curiosity.


I spoke to him that I was recording his music at Abbey Tramscriptions doing a transcritions of it. Actually Elegant Gypsy was on the level of like a, you know I had a couple of hit singles off that record in Germany.

I was also thinking that you use, do you use any other kind of guitar types? Published by Hal Leonard HL. So I booked Studio 3 and that began the recording process that eventually wound up becoming a product.

Intermediate Composed by Bireli Lagrene. I saw it and I said, this is what I want to do. Published by Alfred Music Mela.

Al DiMeola transcription – MusicPlayer Forums

Composed by the Guitar World editors. With standard guitar notation no tablatureintroductory text, instructional text and illustrations. Gypsy Jazz Guitar Artistry. I was always melodic-minded, even trascriptions there was a high technical aspect to my music which was probably at the forefront of why people liked what I was doing and then there was the production side which was totally the Teanscriptions, because I was really influenced and that did carry over into my records and how they produced their records.

Al Di Meola – Original Charts: